The reason i'm ending my Sub


Bleh, too much text. The game is fine, you are bored. Go


You are exactly who they design this game for…people who cant read more than 2 sentences let alone learn an interesting and complex class.


I red all of it. This is the conclusion I came to.

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Thank God we have the 1.5k DH telling us what PvP should be about.

Apart from that you’re really good at saying nothing of value while using up lots of space in this thread. That will surely earn you some brownie points.

Pretty sure you don’t need to know anything about game design to discern what’s fun to you and what’s not. Guess what. Stuff like that is subjective. That’s why comments like this are pretty stoopid.


you said pvp should be about skill yet you disagree with the ability thing, it isn’t skill to play the most broken class and spam 2 damage abilities.


It’s not about how many buttons do you have. It’s about how your class can manage situations with specific skills like subtlety rogue did with gouge, or mage did with deep freeze, with the combination of other rotation abilities. How your class is loyal to it’s class fantasy. The mechanics of wow is hilarious. As an assassination rogue i cant kill almost every classes in 1v1 scenario. Do you understand me? In RPG GAME, there is no chance for an assassination rogue to kill someone who is worthy in 1v1!! This is bad, and feels bad and demotivated. Everything is about arena, and raiding, and m+, which is can be okay… but this game will be never the same in the way of entertainment as was in wotlk or tbc. It’ll never bring back the enjoyment what we’ve got in those expansions. This game has failed, have no logic in it, and not entertaining. It’s not worth our money. I’ll cancel my sub too…


MOP Classes > Current Classes

Old Fury Warrior with banners and crit based compared to now YIKES


Couldn’t agree more with most post to be honest, you hit the nail on the head brother.

Classic SoonTM :slight_smile: