The Removal of Mist of Pandaria Portals

The following portals are still up for Horde:

Dalaran (Broken Isles - Horde Area):

  1. Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Pandaria)
  2. Ogrimar (Kalimdor)
  3. Undercity (Eastern Kingdoms)
  4. Thunder Bluff (Kalimdor)
  5. Silvermoon (Eastern Kingdoms)

Dalaran (Broken Isles - Chamber of the Guardian - Basement):

  1. Karazhan (Deadwind Pass - Eastern Kingdoms)
  2. Dalaran Crater (Hillsbrad Foothills - Eastern Kingdoms)
  3. Wyrmrest Temple (Dragonblight - Northrend)
  4. Shattrath (Outland)
  5. Caverns of Time (Tanaris - Kalimdor)

Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Pandaria):

  1. Shattrath (Outland)
  2. Dalaran (Northrend)
  3. Ogrimar (Kalimdor)

Ogrimar (Cleft of Shadow - Basement):

  1. Dalaran (Broken Isles)
  2. Ashran (Draenor)
  3. Dazar’alor (Zandalar)
  4. Blasted Lands (Eastern Kingdoms)
  5. Hellfire Peninsula (Outland)

Ogrimar (Valley of Honor):

  1. Honeydew Village (Pandaria) - Requires Pandaria opening questline

Ogrimar (Western Earthshrine):

  1. Uldum (Kalimdor)
  2. Twilight Highlands (Eastern Kingdoms) - Requires Twilight Highlands opening questline
  3. Hyjal (Kalimdor)
  4. Deepholm (Maelstrom)
  5. Vashj’ir (Eastern Kingdoms) - Requires Vashj’ir opening questline
  6. Tol Barad (Eastern Kingdoms)

Dazar’alor (Zandalar):

  1. Silvermoon (Eastern Kingdoms)
  2. Ogrimar (Kalimdor)
  3. Thunder Bluff (Kalimdor)
  4. Silithus (Kalimdor)

It seems that only Vale of Eternal Blossoms got hit with the nerf bat.

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I guess there is no need to renew my sub then…


you can the partol in new dalaren to dragonblint and fly from there :S

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shush there :joy: are you crazy writing that aloud. Thank goodness Blizzard devs don’t read European posts or they remove this one as well… ssshhhh delete the post :joy::joy::joy:

Thank you for posting this, is very thorough :smiley: It seems the ones that were removed were the ones that go into the capital cities and are easily available else where. I suppose no one would use those portals anymore, since there are better options now.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if they did remove useful portals, but it would be wasting my time, which is reason enough to be displeased. Although I might also be cranky for lack of coffee, I’ll give you that :coffee:

I use these Portals a lot so for me this is a huge quality of life loss and i can’t see any reason that could justify their removal…


There used to be portals to all the major cities from Old Dalaran, in Northrend. These were removed in Cataclysm and replaced with class trainers. Later the portal to Stormwind/Ogrimmar was reinstated, but only those. It’s nothing new to remove portals from Old Content

they wont remove that one becasue of the timewalker thingy with chronie(or how her named it spelled) she is there and her death thingy is there, so either they move her to new dalaren or they have to leave the portal there

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Says who? One-click-away is fast and fun for me. If I’m farming something in Pandaria (dungeons, raids, world rares etc.) I want to reach there as fast as possible and get it done as fast as possible.

Removing those portals sounds like the idea of the same dev who decided to remove flying in WoD and thinks that daze is a good and needed mechanic. None of those serve any purpose, it almost sounds like they are going out of their way to spite players.


As Thoragrin says, Blizz used to remove portals in the past… still annoying though, I still used the MoP ones quite a lot.

Not sure the idea of making major hubs busier is going to work though… busier means lag… lag means sharding… so Blizz appear to be chasing their own tail, with this?

What portals did Kung-Fu Panda have that we don’t have elsewhere?

im sure shattrath and old dalaran still are in shrine.

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Those portals are very useful for mount collectors, I don’t see why they’d get rid of them, many people go to Pandaria content to farm such things. They literally have no effect on the game itself.

For alliance its just IF/Darn/exodar removed now being a mount collector myself that harms me in no way what so ever.


They are


“Portals, get your portals.”
“Portals, only 100G”
“Portals, get your portals.”
“Portals, for 150G the Dalaran portal will actually take you to Dalaran and not the crater”


**honestly :wink:

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According to the Mages Oath, paragraph 16 section 5 part 2a says I can neither confirm or deny where any portal may actually go.


You played for the portals only? Removing the portals is the reason you will not renew your sub?

I mean cmon, I don’t like BFA class design, Azerite and a lot of things, but this is just ridiculous


New Dalaran also has a portal to Wyrmrest Temple. Sure it’s not old Dalaran but at least it’s a fast way to reach Northrend. Also if you go to Undercity for the zeppelin to Howling Fjord you will find a portal instead, if you need to be on that side ofthe continent.
Having said that, I do agree it was unnecessary to remove the portals from Pandaria.

Eta. So I wanted to see for myself and am standing in the portal room right now. The portals to Shattrath and old Dalaran are still there. They only removed the portals to the faction cities that are not Orgrimmar/Stormwind.
You can reach those cities either with the new Dalaran hs, from the Seal in BfA, and also if you have a level 3 garrison you can portal to Ashran faction city and use the portals over there.
I just checked to be sure, and the portals to Thunderbluff and Undercity are still there. I don’t know about Silvermoon, but you can also reach that by translocating from the ruins of Lordaeron (in its old shape)