The Removal of Mist of Pandaria Portals

Good old times…

Where did i say that this is the only reason?

Could be because it’s butt ugly and there’s nothing of interest in it nowadays outside the AH.

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I find this post ignorant.

For many players, taxis and transports lost their charm a long time ago, as they have already experienced each zone. You’re correct in that many people have fond memories of catching the boats/zeppelins and of flying over zones that are too high level for them and imagining what it would be like to get there (I myself remember looking at the Searing Gorge and being excited to one day go there, as well as fondly remember using the deeprun tram), but these experiences are still in the game for low level players. For most players however, we’ve seen the scenery and don’t really enjoy those experiences anymore. I (and I’m sure many of these same players) am happy for those that still do enjoy traveling the old-fashioned way, but in all honesty we don’t even watch the screen any more. We either alt-tab out for the duration of the flight or get up and get a drink or snack or something. Removing the portals won’t change this or the player’s mentality.

Imagine instead that Blizzard removed all taxi systems and instead just implemented a map-based fast travel system, like the one in Bethesda games for example, and made it so that you only had ‘portal-like’ options and taking flights was no longer possible. Would you be happy with that just because it fits more people’s playstyle preferences?

As this comment has been said a few times in this thread I thought I’d just point this out too: Yes it did happen in Cata, but people really didn’t like it then, either. Granted, in Cata it was more egregious because this was before we had toy portals and such, but the principle remains the same.

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But then how could I get frustrated when flying over an anchor weed?


On my server, Orgimmar is always busy when I hop on my horde alt. I do think it is to push people into the capital cities, so that new players actually see players. I always thought this was why they did not add auction houses to BFA, apart from wanting people to buy WOW tokens to get the 5 million ah mount. But I did read somewhere that we will have an engineers only auctioneer in the 2 BFA zones soon.

I don’t like portal rooms.
It takes the world out of the game and reduces its size.

I’m not looking forward to the new one announced in the next patch tbh.

Having to eat 5 loading screens and spend half an hour on a flightpath is not fun. If that’s the “world” you want in the game, I seriously question your sanity.

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Well… actually explanation is very simple: Too big world… And this is problem with most MMORPG.
If every portal/NPC/Quest etc. would be kept in game it would look empty, cause people would spread around the world: Some in Pandaria farming food, some in Northrend fighting in PVP, some gankinig noobs in Stranglethorn…
And half of people would sit in closed areas like raids/battlegrounds/arenas/garrisons.
And nobody want’s to play in empty server…
That`s why few months into every expansion when interest in new content drops and players starts spreading around the world to grind reputations, farm mounts or kill poor souls farming Huolon, they remove portals from old content, and add them to new content (What they did in Zuldazar, so don’t have high expectations in “Portal room” people are speaking) to keep people jammed in one place and create image of highly populated world.
And that’s why important NPC’s and quest lines become obsolete: not because it’s hard to support working content (low level quests still works great) or hey need resources (problems that could be solved just throwing few bucks in hardware), but because they need to distract people from old content and force them do everything together with others.

And this is sad but good reason. Only solution would be lowering number of servers and migrating players to more populated ones, but nobody will do this due same reason: every server is money machine…

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