The rightful queen is back, but what of the kingdom?

(Ashval) #1

If Blizzard want to capitalise on the Lordaeronian identity of the Forsaken, what with Calia being brought to lead them, I think it is right that the Kingdom of Lordaeron itself should be restored!

Ideally, we should take Tirisfal back from Alliance filth, but I’d be content with our corpse bros building up a new Lordaeron somewhere in Kalimdor.

The Alliance can raze any number of Horde cities and villages to the ground and slaughter any number of Horde civilians in order to maintain faction parity. They can have Darkshore back too, I guess.

(Cyrisela) #2

Calia is not rightfull queen.
And should go way of medan
Dont need to build her up, make her not cannon or kill her. And she should espcially not come close to forsaken lore.


Are we even sure she rules, yet? I mean, the pointers are clear, but the dialogue I saw did only ask her to help the Forsaken Night Elves like she helped Derek, not to lead them.

I still have enough wiggle room to deny it!

(Kernns) #4

" Lilian Voss:No. I’ll speak on my people’s behalf, but I won’t rule them. There is another I believe will prove better suited to that task… when the time is right."

“Calia: They are my people, Jaina. My father gave everything for Lordaeron. I wish to honor him, and to prove worthy of the name I was born with. The name Menethil.”

They are heading there.
And I hate it.

(Ashval) #5

Idea for the next faction conflict: Calia starts rebuilding Brill, Genn throws a fit and burns it down.

(Kaisena) #6

The Forsaken have been owned in this expansion.

Lost their city,leader, identity and now they are getting a lightforged undead as a leader.

Their story needs to evolve buy man they chose the worst posible way of doing it.

Most of the Forsaken lore has been around Sylvanas.Remove that and may as well reduce the entire Forsaken faction to the Quilboar from the Barrens.

Terrible writing.Good way to ruin them I guess.


Forsaken could come back from… the death… of their lore, I guess? If only someone competent would write the story about some sort of partition between them; some would follow the Council and others would go to comfort themselves at the sight of Calia’s monstrous boobs.

(Kaisena) #8

The only way I see some possible way is to make another faction or hidden faction within the Horde where they get to follow Sylvanas as hidden agents.

With Forsaken NPC whispering this around Orgrimmar,it may happen.

(Kernns) #9

Been said by a few already but once again any storyline attempting to paint the forsaken as noting but misguided lost souls, who are in need of care and understanding and the protection of Caila is dumb.

They are already monsters and there whole theme is been ruined by this, if an undead group HAD to be used once again the scarlet risen would of at least made some sense.

Could go on but whats the point honestly Is anyone happy with this whole redeem forsaken path lead by Caila plot?

And what about any living people from Lordaeron? I guess shh don’t mention them?

(Cyrisela) #10

Caliia wanting to be leader but forsaken not accepting her could be somewhat alright but current writers woulndt be able to pull of anything that could possibly be interesting of her.
Theyd just make them more anduin yes man or light lovers or so if calia has anything to do with them.


I suppose devs are going down their interracial fantasy theme and will try to force the living from Lordaeron to agree on the Lightforged Forsaken presence. Maybe Golden will even write some tearfull drama about a cheerful tolerant lady and her dead… Death Knight.

(Ashval) #12
  1. The main theme of the Forsaken is that they are, well, forsaken by the living. I agree that they should not be completely accepted, but they can be good if under proper governance and if granted comradery within the Horde. That’s why they were accepted in the first place.
  2. Why would Forsaken, who are, for the most part, ordinary civilians who only turned to evil because of abandonment, not be redeemed, while the Scarlet Crusade, who made a conscious decision to be genocidal and hateful, would?
  3. Perhaps Calia could accept them? They could have a few settlements here and there, so long as they pay tribute to the Forsaken. Kind of like the Tomb Kings cities in WHFB.


Let’s pray we can burn Calia alive at some point. Forsaken getting destroyed further in their identity is not acceptable.

(Zarao) #14

In Ilgynoth I trust:

The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.

Let the reign of the “Golden One” be short. Hopefully some mighty god smites her out the seat with a hammer tagged as Error 404.


Yes, the devs set up the Light as non-benevolent force for some time now. Just watch Illidan’s rejection of the gift. Naaru revealed their true intentions as just another group of “god-like” creatures which want to rule the universe. The Light and the Void are two sides of the same coin. At least that’s what Blizzard wants us to think.

(Zarao) #16

A part of me wants it to be the case. But experience has taught me that when someone counts so hard with Anduins favour, specially when certain writers are at the helm, them being shown “wrong” is about as probable as Azeroth splitting open to reveal its made of cheese.

The “Evil Light” story has some potential, specially regarding stuff like fanaticism and zealotry. It would help to create a more neutral view on cosmic energies by giving them a more basic approach: they are no longer “good” or “evil”, and turn into simple powers that compete with each to dominate the rest.
In my opinion, that’s more interesting.

But, I’ll refer again to the above. Having some Anduin Pawn proven wrong is almost impossible.


I’d be glad if they do so, but have to agree with Zarao on this one. After Legion xpac that idea was probably scrapped to make Anduin an emperor of Azeroth.

Although the “double-sided coin” of yours is strongly hinted at in the lore since TBC… I. e. with Sin’dorei being able to syphon energy from the Light without becoming its puppets. This does show the Light as a mere energy, not some philosophical idea of Good-Which-Should-Rule-Us-All.

(Araphant) #18

sigh According to the Chronicles, they were able to siphon the Light because Mu’ru let them, knowing of their inevitable redemption.

And I really wouldn’t argue puppetry when your nation’s Sunwell is literally infused with the Light…


Well, it isn’t. It’s also Arcane and it was PURELY Arcane before we drank too much from the cup, so to speak.

(Araphant) #20

It kinda is.