The S2 Affixes are terrible

With the new Affixes, Blizzard has really proven that they listen to the community.

Lots of players complaining the number of interrupts and stops needed are getting absurd? Incorporeal, let’s waste one of your much needed stuns on this garbage affix.

Healers complaining there is way too much to heal in Dragonflight? We got you, also heal this soul, and if you don’t you get a debuff!

Casters complaining there are far too many swirlies? We’ve got snares for you, now don’t even try to get that cast off!

People complain dps don’t swap to explosives and leave it to the healer to deal with the whack a mole? We’ll give them more hp so if the dps don’t swap you’re guaranteed to die!

See guys blizzard has been listening to the feedback all along, they just decided they hate us.


The dev team is full of deadwood that need to get gone already.
I’ve seen more inspired and creative ideas in a youtube comments section than I have from a professional dev team.


True true true true true

These affixes make Shadowlands superior

Those affixes are trolling us!

I doubt I will do any M+ in season 2.

Got back to WoW after some time and leveled a healer for the first time, 2 weeks of toxic+ in and im already in the “what have i done” state…
Im loving healing but this is bs.
Good luck getting new players in the game , especially in healing and tanking roles. They are going to need therapy after toxic+ pugging.

Great game you got here blizz. So much fun I go to bed more stressed then when I got home after WORK

invite better people to your pug, then m+ isnt toxic.

i very very rarely have toxic groups and i only pugged my way on several chars up to 2.4k rio

Lol ok thank you never thought about that

just giving you tips…
if there is a group leader with 500 rio that lists a +14 key, well don’t join it will mostly be a toxic mess

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