The Scarlet Circle [3/9M] on CoA alliance, LF DPS

(Filsket) #1

The Scarlet Circle are an alliance guild on Chamber of Aspects. We are currently 3/9M and are looking for dps to join our raid team. We are particularly keen on a DH and/or Warrior but all classes considered.
We raid Thursday and Monday from 21:45-00:00.
We also have a casual raid on Wed for alts and socials, and there are a number of active M+ players. We also do achievement and transmog runs.

As a guild we have been around on CoA since the server opened in Wrath and the core of our raid team have been raiding together for years.
We consider ourselves pretty laid back and our forays into mythic are really just to see how far we can get and have a laugh as we do it.

We would expect any raiders to have discord and be willing to use voice when needed. While we understand that RL happens and sometimes people need to miss raids, as we only raid progress 4 hours a week and keep a fairly small roster we would expect raiders to make as many raid nights as possible.

If you are interested or would like more information add me on b .net on scar#2634