The server is dead

Hello Blizzard and other readers.

Since I transferred here from Ashbringer my in-game experience has deteriorated tremendously. I was transfering to connect with a lot of friends that ended up spread out on different servers due to the launch of Classic WoW with very high queue times. I appreciate the effort and giving us a chance to connect with friends and we accepted the offer and what comes with. But…

We all joined a guild a few weeks ago called Storm and it was supposed to be a Scandinavian guild which was successful for the most part. We merged with another guild to increase the player pool and our first raid to Molten Core was supposed to happen yesterday. Unfortunetly it did not, we had 28 signups and all of a sudden 10 players(the mergers) decided to reroll on a different server. To the guild I am a part of, my friends and my self this means that we are not going to be able to raid for a very long time, due to the fact the playerbase on the server is so low. There is other guilds that are able to raid, but they have no space for me, my friends or any of my guild members. The guilds are Fusion and Astral Dimension.

I am begging you to let us transfer back to our respective realms where we could actually play the game we love. As of this moment we are all stuck on a server with nothing to do and that is VERY frustrating. We are considering rerolling, but I have to admit that if I am to progress to lvl 60 on a new server once again I will most likely quit and cancel my subscription. It took my 24*8 hours to do so the first time and my girlfriend has been upset about me taking so much time to progress to max level. I don’t think she would like me doing so again.

A different alternative that I have been talking to my friends about is that if you could merge fx. Judgement with Earthshaker or Bloodfang. Then the server would be highpopulated and it would likely implement some queue times, but not like the launch of Classic WoW. We don’t mind being in queue for 30 mins, but 2-6hours is too much which was why we migrated in the first place.

Help us out, we love the game, we want to play, but not under these conditions.

Sincerest Armageddon of Judgement horde.


I agree, i’m a transfer as well…
Wow is about teamplay, getting things done in groups, overcoming obstacles as unit. On this god forsaken server i cant even find a group for rfc even if i offer to boost lowbies… or anything for that matter. It is killing me AND my reason to play the game. A game that i have loved for years. Ruined by a bad decision…
Please consider Either a merge urgently or someway for us to regret the transfers.


Hard agree, the content is near impossible to get through due to the dire state of the realm population.


I like it as it is. Don’t change anything.
But I’m “special” I guess. 30 level and almost 5 days play time :smiley:

Realm merge with another low/medium pop server is needed.
Atleast give us option for paid transfer. I cant express how sad i feel after transfer to here. :frowning:

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Was level 52, having started on this server. Decided it’s not too late to reroll to another server. Enjoying the game again.

Wont Call it dead rly.
We have 10 raiding guilds, and more to come.


Server is perfect. :wink:

hows the ratio?

I think it still slightly favours alliance, as it did before the census add-on was maimed.

Blizzard, please, please, PLEASE merge with another server.

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Nah, please don’t.

I enjoy being able to farm runes and herbs in the open world, having affordable elemental fires and 19g Lotuses.
I mean, still a bit of fighting in Jadefire Run, but the mobs aren’t getting corpsecamped. Besides, more people will probably transfer during phase 2 since the layers on the megaservers are getting smashed together. Lotuses sell for 120g on Gehennas, and they will have supply cut in half… I don’t want to sit in dungeons all day to have mobs to kill.

I enjoy the community a lot. It’s not hard to make a name for yourself, and finding dungeon groups at cap is easy, if you are willing to tank or heal.

Another reply.

We now list 10 raiding guilds on the logs
A lot are not even using logs.
Server is growing quite fast!

Just saw we hat a whole alliance guild transferring to our realm today.
More will come soon

Total of 640 players were registred ally side, on sunday at 08:30 pm. 349 players level 60. Using the census addon

So elaborate, why is this server dead?

So how is it going now ?
Ain’t u glad that you maybe did manage to push a lot of transfer away with this old post of yours.

So you still have the same idea now?

The server is not dead. I want to give info with numbers, for people to see.

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its dead

10 fkn chrs