The state of bgs in SL is just pathetic

Every bg is like 1 fight, which is decided by who has the least 20-40k hp ppl and then the losing side goes afk, because there is zero point in trying anything at all due to insane gear gaps, letting the second side win.
This is caused mainly by 2 things:

  1. Insane gear gaps that cant be overcome by any level of skill whatsoever.
  2. Ppl are annoyed to death by being forced to do hundreds of bgs to upgrade their gear playing their undergeared character getting instakilled on sight. They just gave up. Ppl are just completely apathetic at this point.

At this point, a fully geared player can just 1v3 against low geared and dont swet even a bit. I know Blizzard dont read pvp forums whatsoever, but why not use my afking time in lost bg to write something, right?


Wow has for the most part always been like this excluding the expansions that had scaling. It’s like that on retail, tbc and som too. Gear > everything and it’s no surprise that the player or team with the most gear should win.

Gear shouldnt matter in pvp at first place, but since Blizz disagrees with it, the performance gaps should be like this. My geared chars can 2 shot ppl in pvp starting gear. Like whats the point of such content, when they hate it and I enjoy it for like 20 mins and peace out.


Agree 100%. No one wants to farm these obnoxious amounts of honor. I just want to pvp but nooo I have to farm 100k honor in order to be competitive.

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It was actually the “community” that wanted gear to matter again in PvP. Too many people loved obliterating that sickly gazelle between their mythic raids.

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With the push-back on Templates & push-back on scaling, I’ve started to think maybe WoW should stay like this.
‘it’s a progression based game / it’s mmorpg’
Well… Fair enough.

Instead of ‘fixing WoW pvp’ I think they should develop Tournament Realms for PvPrs.
Log-in & PvP with no forced PvE grinds.
(Maybe Zones & quests designed with PvP in mind (free-4-all zone / kill 25 flying enemies to unlock some slowfall trait / pick 1 new Legendary for every 100(?) enemy slain from arena/bg/wpvp …idk).

Current WoW could stay exactly as-is for mmorpgpvprs.

imho at least, all the instanced PvP should had been like a tournament realm

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All non rated pvp should have gear squish to bottom tier rated gier 233 capped. This way it will be playable from start. Gear gap is ok in rated pvp where ppl just push rating. There rating is actually filtering this gear gaps as in 1k rating you should not see 2k teams with maxed gear.

Absolutely. If youre rocking battleground targets or such addons you can easily tell who win even before the gates open.
Usualy you can click trough healers and see who has better geared ones…and just leave or afk if your team have worse.

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