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A New Dawn Born

The ongoing High Treason case regarding former Cathedral Administrator Terrasha Dawnborn has finally come to a close. The trial, set for 24th of last month, was cancelled and a trial in absentia was held by the council of magistrates. The council looked at all the evidence gathered and found Ms. Dawnborn guilty of High Treason to the Alliance. She was to be exiled from the Kingdom of Stormwind, all her titles and possessions stripped and if broken, it is to be punishable by death. Comments from a few of those that sit on the magistrate’s council are calling the verdict lenient and thought that execution was the only action suitable. However, exile was the verdict.

Ms. Dawnborn, who had been held in guard holding cells for the last month, was escorted out of the city last Wednesday by Guard officials, including Commander Nakama Atlan himself. She was then escorted off of Stormwind lands by members of the Order of the Silver Hand. This draws to a close the case that had gripped the city for nearly a month.

The ‘Times’ reporter, Sprizzle McPhrizzle took to the streets to ask civilians about the result. Mr. Olman Rivers said “I’m sorry to see this verdict. She was a good woman and great for the community, but the decision has been made” Miss Shellene Nightingale commented “I knew she were guilty! Right from the start I thought she were funny, good riddance!” Whilst Ol’ Beasley said “Did you bring me that hamburger?”

Sewer Beast: Friend or Foe?

Stormwinds canals are a dangerous place these days as an enormous Crocolisk haunts the waters. The large creature known as the ‘Sewer Beast’ is said to roam along the bed of the canals, and occasionally out in to the lake. The creature is very large and yellow-brown with a light tint of white coloration on its body. Many have tried to tame the beast over the years but to no avail.

Commander Nakama Atlan, of the Stormwind City Guard, has been heard on the record saying he is fond of the beast, however. He has been spotted, with his wife, sitting on the edge of the canals, throwing in chunks of meat for the beast to eat. When questioned about the citizen’s safety, he said “Seems like a great incentive not to go into the canals”. This calls in to question the guards’ form of punishment for certain crimes, when they dunk criminals in the canals a number of times. This ‘dunking’ could result in a very serious situation and many wonder if it is still safe to do so. The ‘Times’ advises citizens to stay clear of the ‘Sewer Beast’ if it is spotted nearby.

Latest Tidbits

A bar brawl was reported last week, from the Blue Recluse, in the Mage district. At least five men were injured after a heated argument over taxes ended up in fighting. Guards responded quickly to the calls for help and were soon able to stop the fighting. Copious amounts of alcohol seemed to have been consumed and those involved were given a night in the cells to cool off before being sent on their way.

The ‘Times’ is helping in the search for local barman Reese Langston, who has been missing for a few months. His son, David, came to us, hoping that our readers could keep a lookout for him. Reese is an average height human, with medium length grey hair and a grey moustache. He is the well-known barman of the Pig and Whistle Tavern, in old town. Any sightings are to be reported to the Guard Headquarters, or your local guard.

The current city magistrates are looking for new trainees to join the justice system. To join up, you should speak to your local magistrate. You can be part of the justice system in the city, sitting on trials, overseeing courts and signing licenses.

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