The three day early access to TWW, means nothing


If people have been around, they know the first days are filled with lag, bugs, game crashes and all the goodies.
There is nothing good you will miss out on

It doesn’t matter ,it’s a scammy , greedy and non-consumer friendly practice
And to add salt to injuries the early access happens on the weekend while full release is mid week
I’f that not peek greediness Idk what is


Eh, we dont need hear another about drama early access.
Who unbelief what blizzard could do this

Let it be. We see this later so


It matters because it actually punishes those who paid more to get 3 extra days. Its naive to think that this time will be different. Every new expansion release, first days are filled with all sorts of bugs lags and disconnects. So what did they actually paid for?
Nothing that matters in game is accessible via those 3 days so…those who did the expensive pack, are paying to be beta testers.

But I thought it ruins the fun for everyone

Something you don’t seems to understand
The “The early access” is the OG release date

They just put a premium price on that

And if you don’t like the state of releases ,don’t play for the first month because that how long it usually ( the stats of the game will be 100% the same in those 3 days and at full release) takes them to start fixing stuff up
Let me enjoy my buggy early release for The normal price


How exactly is it a scam, yes the 3 days early access is dumb, but the price itself, it has quite some value, if you like to collect, you get some things, you get more trading coins, and you get 30 days game time, so - the gametime, it’s hardly much imo, but people are allowed their opinions <3 I understand though.


I’m betting that when the first guild downs the final mythic boss of the raid you can check that every single one of them will have purchased the epic edition and actively played during those 3 days.


Who cares, unless you are in a special team, or a streamer team, or e-sport, you ain’t gonna be the first to kill Mythic bosses anyway, never have never will, and usually during a new x-pack, things doesn’t unlock instantly, sure maybe they do m0s but u got plenty of time xD people rush the future in their head too much in 2024

It’ll be one of the same 2/3 guilds that gets world first. Wether they get early access or not

Probably the only thing they get is an extra leveled character. There’s nothing they can do extra for character power/gear over someone who does not have the early access.

Who cares what RWF guilds do.

Playing 3 days early is the least of it.

They do split runs and funnel gear to team members.
They will be raiding 18 hours a day for this.
They’ll play 24/7 to level one of everything.

Worrying about these guys having a 3 day early start (when anyone else can have this too) is like worrying about the size of the toenails on the Rhino charging at you when there are far worse things to worry about.

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With FF14 if you order early you get the early access at no extra charge.

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Of all the players, the RWF will care less about the 3 days early access because it will make literally no difference to them. They will be the same Ilvl at the same point of the raid regardless of the 3 days early access because they cannot get any valuable gear during that time. The gear for them comes after the season starts not from doing quests…

The first few days have always been exciting to me. Discovering new things with everyone else, mixed in with a little bit of competition to stay slightly ahead.

Getting in early on professions to supply the first wave of levellers, or gathering resources and benefiting from the temporarily high prices.

All that gone. I’m going to log in and probably get killed by max levels in war mode, the auction house will be saturated by crafters with 3 days’ prep time.


Apart from all the mats you can farm at the start which usually nets you the most profit.


And you think that will change on the 26th (second launch) ?

The scam is that Blizzard are trying to justify the early access to reduce lag/bugs. The 26th will be just as buggy as the 22th.


No clue but have you experienced the last, let’s see here, THREE expansion launches?
DF had some small issues with the boat but aside from that
BfA, SL and DF were for the most part problem free, and I played from midnight release every time. Didn’t even experience lag when midnight came around.

Malpractice of EA in an mmo aside, to which I agree, your point about expansion launches just doesn’t stand.

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:smiley: It’s big advantage for me if i can lvl up to max and do all boring story quest so when release happens i can just log in for dungeons and gear up my characters before actual season starts
You know less thing to worry about on release date i will alrady be max lvl :smiley:

Hey, don’t try to ruin my fun!

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