The Trade Prince (Spoilers)

(Zarao) #1


And they just went ahead and removed the last interesting and mildly shady character left for the Horde.
No more interesting stories and having fun, Gallywix is replaced by Gazlowe as the Trade Prince.

Can’t say i’m not disappointed. The current Horde leadership is turning out to be as bland and generic as to tag the faction as Red Alliance.

Also, its rather telling how eager Blizzard is to force their target plot and certain writers bias, when they write the sort of story that downright ignores and dimisses a rather important factor for the Goblin race such their different Cartels:

Gazlowe: A cartel ain’t a clan or a tribe, Thrall. Steamwheedle, Bilgewater… it don’t matter who supplies the cash–so long as the pay’s good.

One of the few things that differentiated the Bilgewater from the rest, is precisely the fact that Gallywix was the only one to realise that it was on their best interest to drop neutrality and join the Horde.
And now, in order to further a particular plot, they made Gazlowe directly benefit from it…while scrapping altogether the importance of Cartels in goblin society.

A damn shame really.
What diversity is left for the Horde, what flavour or noteworthy traits, if about every single one of their leaders is to be turned into the oddly ‘perfect’ and ‘goodie’ example?.

Not entirely disappointed, as Gazlowe has a long history with the faction. But still…he just seems much less interesting than Gallywix. Much more a generic ‘good guy’.


Excuse me, but isn’t it something what we would call “common sense” if we speak about to kick out Gallywix?



Gazlowe is much better and should have been the leader from day 1. Still don’t wanna lose Gallywix tho so I hope he sticks around in some capacity.


Finally! Everyone who played the goblin intro story knew that gallywix was a really bad choice as leader, in fact I never understood it.
Being a terrible person does not make characters “interesting”, really. And having actual decent people in charge does not make the horde less interesting or diverse.

(Zarao) #7

Why? To throw out the window a challenging and complicated character in order to throw in a generic good guy that follows on the most basic template?

If I wanted to play a good hearted inventor, I’d pick up my gnome.

Gallywix was interesting not because he was “bad”. He was interesting because threw some realistic approach regarding how the goblin society worked, and how exactly could a goblin grow to be the most powerful amongst his kin.

He is a good character, because he offered a different view on things, and even if he certainly had some shady stuff going to him, his presence allowed an unique set of interactions to take place amongst those that surrounded his character.
Even from a racial leader perspective, in his own way, he offered a unique perspective. Yeah, he certainly was mean, but quoting his own words:

“No,” Gallywix said. “We ain’t ever met face to face, Sergeant, so let me explain. I don’t mind selling you if you get careless. I’ll send you to die if it’ll help the cartel’s bottom line. But I won’t get you killed by stupidity or a big dumb weapon for nothing . That ain’t me.”

And most importantly:

So, yeah, I’m a monster. But I watch out for what’s mine. When I can.

To throw this out just to put in place a bland character with zero depth to him beyond being a good guy…not a fan.

To do what? To have him be some generic throwaway villain like Venture & Co.?
Rather they kill him outright. Might as well call said quest or dungeon “The Mercy Kill”.


So, and why do you complain that the new Horde kicks hin out. Wouldn’t it be seen as OOC if they would let him in? Why not being happy that Sylvanas and Gallywix are in a better place now, outside of the Horde?

(Zarao) #9

Because the interesting thing about his character, was about building ways and routes to concile him with the rest of the Horde.

Do not nitpick part of his quote. What made his stance interesting, was the fact that even if he downright admitted he was a “monster” he also pointed out that he cared to drive his people towards the best possible direction.

That’s an interesting faction leader. One that isn’t the conventional good guy, but still for X or Y reasons is developed in a way that makes him a good leader.

And the way Gallywix was built, made him both representative of Goblin people, and quite an interesting narrative asset to work around.

(Cyrisela) #10

Yeah im fine with gazlowe being leader byt galywix should stay around. He is funny as hell
Horde doesnt need to loose more chars and need more that atent best buddies with allly.
And he is more like general goblin then gazlowe.
He should stay around as arms dealer for the factions. And in council horde is getting he could have interesting/ unique dybamic there


It seems that the Goblins and the Horde didn’t saw it like it, so I think it was a good move to remove him, especially because he probably wouldn’t have his free space there.

(Zarao) #12

“Goblins and the Horde” aren’t the ones that decide in which way the story goes. They are elements of it.
Writers are the ones that create the plot.

And Gallywix had worked as part of it until they decided to throw him out and put in his place someone more generic and that wouldn’t threaten their target outcome with any mildly conflicting trait.

Even in this expansion, the War campaign painted him in a good way.

Having his character evolution tied to playable contingencies made it interesting. Remove said requisite and he will probably end up as a generic villain fodder.


Again, wouldn’t it by OOC to not kick him out? I got that you’re fascinated by this caricature of a leader, but answer the yes or no question please.


A shame, yes, but not really a surprise when you see how all our leaders are forced into line after the peace treaty.

I wonder if the pleasure palace is for sale now, or if they plan to make it a spa for veteran soldiers?

Ah well. At least, my goblin can look forward to pay raise and insurance.

(Zarao) #15

Assuming you mean “wouldn’t it be OOC to not kick him out”, the answer is simple: No.

He has contributed to the Horde far more than Gazlowe. He has been an active part of the Horde for far longer.
And has supplied it with means and funds throughout Cataclysm, and all the expansions that followed.
He made the Bilgewater Cartel into the wealthiest one, and supported Voljin, Thrall, and Baine against Garrosh.

He helped the Horde settle in Kul Tiras (Drustvar), and offered a way to counter gnome offensives and weaponry, even defending Dazar’alor himself.

Throwing him out, for the lone reason of “Gazlowe is nicer” is a disservice to both his character and the story he could potentially bring to the table.
And reeks of the kind of decision that has writers going for the laziest and least conflicting leader choice in order to push for a bland herd of sheep that don’t offer any sort of resistance to the Anduin effect. Much like they’ll do likewise with the Forsaken and Calia.

(Medaan) #16

How is Gallywix a challenging and complicated character? He is a stereotypical greedy selfish character, nothing deep or complicated about him.


Didn’t he tried to sell the remaining Goblins at the start of Cataclysm? So, now again: Why isn’t he worthy to be replaced by a better leader then? Wouldn’t you personally try to kick out this leader if you would be at the position of the Goblin?

(Zarao) #18

A Blank Scroll, his short story, even Before the Storm,…
All give more depth to a character that has just now been substituted with a generic good guy.
Read any of the pieces above.

Regardless of Gazlowe background, he isn’t half as developed or engaging as him.
His presence doesn’t foster or create half the amount of potential iterations and subplots as Gallywix does.

Oh, they could try. I’m fine with them trying.
The predatory system goblins have certainly should have them doing so.
That’s what makes their dynamic more interesting.

Also, that event was already referenced in the short story. Read what goblins think about it.


As a goblin character, he stole everything we got, tried to sell us into slavery and then tried to kill us and thrall. How is that “driving his people towards the best possible direction”? Gazlowe is a much better representation of what goblins are, he is clever, gallywix is an idiot. Gazlowe acts like actual successful entrepreneurs would act, gallywix is just a comic book villain twirling his mustache. It’s not even new or unique, gallywix is a typical caricature of the greedy rich guy.

(Zarao) #20

You should read past the initial interaction and the evolution given and suffered by the character. That particular incident is explicitly addressed in the story linked above. And the reactions goblins had to it.

Read the story. And bother to understand the goblin view on things.

As goblins go, Gazlowe is an oddity. And much less interesting and less conflicting or challenging to create a more diverse foundation for both the Horde and the goblin relations.


From what I read here for you any decent person is a “generic good guy” and a sociopath is an “interesting character”. It’s no wonder you are dissapointed now that the horde story is finally going into a better direction again.
If diversity is what you want be glad that the goblin leadership changed to something entirely different. It shows that goblin society is “diverse”.
Nothing about gallywix was ever “interesting” or “challenging”, he was so much a typical capitalist caricature they could have put him on the front page of prawda in the 20s. That’s how old and worn-out this stereotype is that gallywix represents.

(Zarao) #22

Yeah…not going to bother replying to any of that.

Take your strawman to the cornfield, mate.