The truth!

Hello everyone,

After they introduced pvp ranking, a piece of me shattered. It’s all because of the savage way of horde are farming honor. As a horde player with more than 50000 hp, I am also guilty of this. Killing every gnome you see with 1 skill cause there’s 10 spells being casted at the poor guy at the same time. After few days of honor farming, a voice in me couldnt take it anymore seeing the same people trying to just walk 2 feets before they die just so they could be closer to brd.

I beg you blizzard, bring bg sooner than the date you guys announced. I can’t continue the farm while carrying the guilt around.

Let’s just hope the alliance population wont be doomed :*(

Dude, its 70% horde ratio, you cant win of being skilled when they outman you. All you can basically do is to change server by rerolling or try having fun. Bg will come in some weeks, you will be fine.

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