The War Within: Dungeon and Affix Updates


With The War Within beta now underway, we are excited to share additional updates regarding dungeons and the affix system.

Heroic & Mythic Dungeons

In Dragonflight Season 4, we experimented with our existing dungeon difficulty progression to offer additional endgame options for players who enjoy more methodical dungeon gameplay. This updated dungeon difficulty progression is also an opportunity for players that do enjoy Mythic Keystones to have a place to build mastery over dungeons before the pressures of a timer kick in. You can read more about those changes in depth here. We plan to continue this model of progression into The War Within with some exciting updates!

  • Normal
    • This difficulty is unchanged.
    • This difficulty always includes our 8 War Within dungeons.
  • Heroic
    • The tuning and rewards of this difficulty are increasing to be equivalent to a baseline Mythic (Mythic 0) dungeon in the previous system.
    • New mechanics and other adjustments from Mythic will not be present in this difficulty.
    • This remains a queueable experience.
    • Starting with Season 1 of The War Within, Heroic dungeon difficulty will feature our roster of seasonal dungeons.
  • Mythic
    • The tuning and rewards of this difficulty are increasing to the equivalent of a +10 dungeon with affixes in the previous system.
    • There are no timers, affixes, or limitations on changing specializations or talents while in the dungeon.
    • The goal is to create a mega-dungeon like difficulty for this experience. This difficulty should present a meaningful challenge and provide commensurate rewards without the pressure of the Mythic+ system.
    • Starting with Season 1 of The War Within, Mythic difficulty will feature our roster of seasonal dungeons.
    • Mythic difficulty will be unavailable until with the War Within Season 1 begins.
    • Mythic difficulty will now have a daily lockout, changed from weekly in the previous system.

The seasonal dungeon roster for Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ difficulties in Season 1 of The War Within includes the following dungeons:

  • The Stonevault
  • The Dawnbreaker
  • Ara-Kara, City of Echoes
  • City of Threads
  • Grim Batol
  • The Necrotic Wake
  • Mists of Tirna Scithe
  • Siege of Boralus


The Mythic Keystone system will carry forward changes from Dragonflight Season 4 with updates to the position of affixes in the system and updated affix buckets.

  • The Mythic+ system will have rewards up to level 10, with +2 starting from what would have been a +11 in the previous Mythic+ system.
  • A +5 should be as hard as a +15 and +10 should be as hard as a +20 in the previous Mythic+ system etc.
  • We intend to better align reward and difficulty increases in the Mythic+ system by updating the introduction points of affixes in Season 1 of The War Within.
    • +2 - Fortified/Tyrannical
    • +4 - A new set of passive affixes
    • +7 - Bursting / Bolstering etc.
  • Dungeon ratings should be equivalent to what they represent in the current system.
  • There should be a smaller range of Keystone levels to find groups for, and more meaningful progression between each level.


Before we dive into the specifics of the new affixes, we would like to outline our goals and the purpose these affixes serve. Our overarching goal is to minimize the mechanical overlap between affixes and dungeon trash design in the current +4 affix bucket. We aim to achieve this through a more passive approach, focusing on the following objectives:

  • Shift the source of challenge to the dungeon itself by simplifying affix design and emphasizing creature abilities.
  • Reduce visual noise, nameplate clutter, and the cognitive load on players during trash combat.
  • Allow for varied and context-specific gameplay decisions depending on the dungeon they are applied to.

Additionally, these affixes will include a positive effect. The aim of these positive effects is to highlight different damage types each week, allowing each specialization additional opportunities to excel during the season.

  • These effects should feel like a bonus, offering an advantage for different damage profiles each week without being essential to complete a dungeon.
  • Players will have an opportunity to flex towards different talents, gearing options, and consumables to capitalize on these effects.

New Affixes

  • Reckless
    • Non-boss enemies without mana ignore 20% armor with their attacks, but their armor is reduced by 30% and they take 10% increased Arcane damage.
  • Thorned
    • Non-boss enemies without mana inflict Physical damage to their attackers when attacked, but take 10% increased Holy and Shadow damage.
  • Attuned
    • Non-boss enemies with mana inflict 20% increased magic damage, but take 10% increased Nature damage and 30% increased damage from Bleed effects.
  • Focused
    • Non-boss enemies with mana have 30% increased Haste, but take 10% increased Frost and Fire damage.

Note that these tooltips indicate whether the affixes apply to creatures with or without mana. These affixes will not affect every creature.

With our new passive affix bucket set to replace the current +4 affix bucket, the following affixes will be retired for Season 1 of The War Within:

  • Afflicted
  • Incorporeal
  • Entangling
  • Storming
  • Volcanic

To match the number of affixes in our level 4 affix bucket and align with our affix goals in The War Within we will be retiring the Spiteful affix for Season 1 of The War Within. The +7 affix bucket includes the following:

  • Raging
  • Bolstering
  • Bursting
  • Sanguine

Tyrannical and Fortified Affixes

We are still experimenting with how these affixes fit in with our updates.

We believe these changes will offer a refreshing experience for players at all levels each season and redefine how the Mythic+ affix system influences dungeon gameplay. We look forward to your feedback and discussions on these topics and we’ll see you in dungeons!


Interesting idea but with how unbalance m+ currently is this will just make me not get invited even more. This will cause more problems then it fixes. According to this i have 3 weeks that i’m useless against the affix and 1 of them heavily punishing me for playing melee.

You guys are so out of touch with this its actually insane.


This is completely missing the mark. This is out of touch with what players actually want.
These changes will solve 1% of the current issues with mythic plus.
It is clear this season that the issue is with the on death affixes.

Reinventing the wheel due to an issue you caused with Incorporeal and Afflicted.

Replacing the +7 affixes with these new ones would be a better idea than keeping the current ones.

Remove Incorporeal and Afflicted and update the +7 affixes.


Can we please not keep the worst 3 affixes by far and just go with entangling + storming + volcanic and either one of 4 (incorporeal, afflicted, bursting, spiteful)? Also making them mandatory in +7 is unfun, it was fine on +10s so we could’ve kept spamming +9s to only deal with 1 affix and have max great vault rewards


You’re setting yourself up for failure here. Specific damage types preferred on certain weeks so you only take specific classes. 5% damage buff would let you time 1 key level higher with the same dps. You went for 2 key levels. Hurray more degenerate “this spec only” invites.

Bolstering/thorned (take physical damage when they are attacked) is going to be horrific if there is any interaction. Does the thorned damage scale with bolstering to do more reflect damage? Does it scale with key level? People will be pumping damage in to themselves. DPS only care about meters, they will happily kill themselves and blame the healer, more burden for them. Where is the counterplay? Just don’t do damage? That’s worse than an affix you can outplay. Keep in mind it unfairly punishes none plate DPS (less damage from physical) and they can’t just wear plate as a mage.

You need to stop listening to people that want dungeons to be non content. It’s going to get really stale, really quickly if you make m+ affixes not something you have to adjust for.


What’s the point. Then every single affix does nothing. They should create a a different game mode for dungeons where it’s literally the same all season

wdym it’s sidesteppes/dodges + either dispell, cc or kite. Keeping bolster is just worst move ever for fun, sanguine just slows the key and raging is just awful those are not fun affixes to play on +10s or pushable for high keys. With these changes you’ll have one push week a month lmao.

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Do you know they can also create positive affixes right ? Surprisingly most fun m+ seasons were positive affix ones.

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It’s meant to be challenge mode. Not torghast. If you want no challenge buy a boost

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Hf playing a game mode no one ever cares after 2nd week then.
Unfun affix = low participation


This right here as tank would be my biggest worry especially on Raging and Bolster weeks.

Also this as a class (ermmmm… Hunter) who has extremely limited self heals and is world renown for taking excess dmg from the slightest glance


This start be really ridiculous you guys need stop focusing adding some new useless affix which causing more problems and try do something about 7+ affix’s rework, delete or mega nerf them coz atm weeks what we have this list
you cant play game 3/4 (weeks) of time… unless you are 0.01% high M+ player
yes not 0.1% shocking i know :slight_smile:

Now on these is called “4 horsemen apocalypse affix”

  • Bursting
    This one is fine affix
    Only affix of these 4 which can play any comp/healer only MW/Priest is helpful but not really necessary anymore these days

  • Bolstering
    This need either be deleted or hard reworked
    nerf is not option anymore
    No matter comp or players no1 enjoy this week and stops you pushing keys

  • Raging
    This need either be deleted or hard reworked
    This pretty dead week too unless you have evoker for mass enrage dispell and no druid dispell is not enough… or you need short kick aka full melee grp but kick not save you from mobs what you need stun to stop cast which can wipe grp

  • Sanguine
    This need either be hard reworked or nerfed
    This have own problems
    First you need god tank who know what to do and have patience
    but even good tank cant save this week coz there is/been lot mobs who just not move and they do like one cast and after that doing nothing?? and you cant pushback/grip them
    best few examples: DoTi maiden , BH trees , RLP big fire/earth elemental , AA big arcane ravager and more… these are examples mobs who doing nothing just stand there
    Then ofc TWW s1 dung have MoTs have at start Tirnenn villager who just not want move :slight_smile:
    and answer to counter for this affix should not be “oh just push back small ones before they die” its not possible for some comps/specs

so 3/4 (not bolsting) of these affix is this “bring spec and not player” and this mentality needs finally stop this killing M+ pushing literally seen this whole DF

last thing deleting one of the easiest affix Spiteful? it literally what affix should be its annyoing in good way it just “exists” its not too hard or too easy to deal
it not change how you play dung


Dont get me wrong i’m agreeing with what you saying but spiteful is literally afk week for me. Even after the nerf. 2 ghost fixating on melee instantly kills melee


I know this is feedback from before testing, but I see two very large problems with the new affixes.

The first is, Chaos magic damage. As chaos is counted as all elements, demon hunters will simply be meta for the extra damage they will deal. It’s going to enforce the meta unless they do negative dps, and this will either need to be taken into account to M+ Tuning of DH damage, or will lead to a repeat of the DH meta.

Second, while reckless encourages Melee DPS, Thorned (depending on tuning) will heavily restrict them. Either it will be a non-affix, or will greatly impede melee dps getting into high keys on these weeks, in which case melee dps players may as well not play as it will lead to frustration, resentment and anger at blizzard and the wow community.

Feedback alone is great but I also have a suggestion for a future affix. Mobs have a chance to carry magic orbs, making them stronger. When these targets are killed, they drop an orb (fire, arcane or frost). If a player picks this up, they gain x crit / mastery / haste, but have a dot on them for as long as they carry the orb. This will give healers something to heal (instead of the dps meta that currently exists), but provide a good reason to target these mobs, and even a good kiss / curse effect (something the community has been very vocal about).


idk maybe you right but after this number squish i feel ghost hit harder in 10 than what they hitted 20 coz they updated in s2 they scaling capping to 20 if im not wrong

They heavily nerfed them , they used to 1 shot now they do 2 shot :smiley:

Lol wtf are these affixes? “sorry you can’t come high keys this week on your main because your class can’t do this kind of damage” and how on earth did bolstering and sanguine stay in. This has missed the mark by such a wide margin, don’t double down on this, players on every forum are complaining that these are bad.


I am very disappointed with what I am reading here.
Keeping bolstering and sanguine as two out of four +7 affixes is so ridiculously out of touch with the entire m+ community it is just sad.
The whole idea of buffing certain classes/specs each week with the +4 is so wrong and absolutely deadly for the game it should be abandoned completely asap, not reworked, not thought about, abandoned.
At the current state of the game you have already created several dead weeks for many m+ players by insisting of keeping sanguine and bolstering in the game. With the +4 affixes as you suggest them now will basically only encourage the most enthusiastic and ambitious of your players to just quit the game 3/4 weeks.


Now I don’t often take part in these discussions, but this time I feel like I’d like to say something.
As someone who is not pushing the highest keys possible - but will get portals for the dungeons and reach maybe 3k rating - The new affixes will likely just kill certain classes for the week they’re up, while making others extremely powerful every week (looking at you, DH & Mage).

As a warrior I see we’re not the first to be picked even now, but with the new ones its going to be even harder.
You could make the argument that physical dps will be wanted for Reckless & Attuned weeks, but atleast when it comes to warriors - why take a warrior with almost 0 utility that does a bit more damage, when you can take an arcane mage or boomkin who ignore armor anyway while getting a small buff from affix.

Attuned, kind of the same - just take a shaman or a boomkin that do more nature, bleeds are so niche.

At the level of keys I’m doing, I don’t mind any of the remaining old affixes, but dear god these new ones will make finding groups/making groups so much harder. People will always gravitate toward meta - even if its not strictly necessary.