The War Within: Warbands Preview

The War Within: Warbands Preview

Get a closer look at the new Warbands System with the World of Warcraft development team.

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Pretty much what we knew already.
My one comment is the decision to not allow currency such as flighstones to be transfered to other characters because they are “character progression specific” well what if my toon is as high as I’d like in ilevel and I have a load of stones I don’t need? They just go to waste.


Looks pretty good overall to me. I’m sure people who hated titanforging will hate the random additional loot though. I especially like the ability to pool gold into the warband bank.

Does this include selling on the AH?

The ability to chose a scene was going to be one of my questions. I’m excited to see others become available but PLEASE do not lock them behind FOMO events.


Plunderstorm 2.0 will have Booty Bay and the whatever starting zone in Arathi no doubt.


Eh about Transmogroll replaces Greed is no good from my opinion. We already have the problem about people rolling need despite no gear need so Transmog official only a greed priority is short sighted. The Transmogroll should replace the Need Button for those that still need the transmog but are not eligable for the gear.
Then there will first be rolled the item and afterwards just the appearence of it in the collection.

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To be honest… that is really disappointing:

“Note that there will still be many currencies that will remain non-transferable because they represent important character-based progression. Two examples of these are the Crest and Flightstone equivalents in The War Within .”

A quote from the part of currencies sharing with the Warband.

You bringing in that Warband feature, many people are hyped because they are stacking their Crests and Flightstones on their Main and collecting dust, while they have to do the exact same grind on the alts again. And now you say: “Nope, those crests will keep collecting dust.”
Really disappointing!


I only skim-read through the article and couldn’t find that info:

How many characters can join one and the same warband?

Yes, I’ve read that there can be four displayed on the screen, but that’s not necessarily answering my question.


As far as I understand, the Warband is just another word for “Account wide”. So every character you have will be in that Warband.
Warbandbank sounds better than Account-Wide-Bank, i guess :smiley:


I love this changes.

The only I would add to war-bands is something related to professions. I am not saying that professions should be accound-bound. Not that.

But I believe it should be great to be able to use your other character’s professions using the warband bank (except for BOP items).

Basically so warband bank could be used to replace completely the tedious send materials by mail, log out, log in, pick mail, craft item, send crafted item by mail, log out, log in, pick mail.

Even if warband bank replaces the mail we still need to switch characters and that is the worst part of the process.

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I’m hoping for that; or that we can (up to that maximum) decide freely how many of them we want to connect that way; wouldn’t mind farming rep twice or thrice for different warbands… just not 13-20 times as I have to currently. :sweat_smile:


Since we are still sticking with class specific rules on stuff like tier, please please please remove relics from the Legion loot tables, they are horrible to farm atm.


You are still going to have to run different classes to collect class transmog, and that’s a lot of gear.

Yes. I love this idea. Make transmog and need rolls separate. People who outgear the content are also contributing and they deserve a chance for the reward. It makes sense because gear improve only last until the player gets and upgrade but transmog last forever.

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I have watched Blizzcon. Warband is just Blizzardspeech for Accountwide so the question is, only characters on your current license or the whole Blizzard Account given that they specifically mentioned regions.

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So I only have 2 toons.

And a bunch of level 1ns here and there for purposes I already forgot.

Is there a chance to have only 2 toons show up there? Or will I see my 2 toons, plus 2 more level 1 dudes?

Maybe I got my question already answered. Correct me if I am wrong.

It works like battle pets. Available for all your licenses in your account but if you log in with multiple licenses at the same time only the first that log in will be able to use some warband features like the bank.

At the same time the warband will be limited by region. That means no connection between USA and EU.

So, if you have 5 WOW licenses, 3 in EU and 2 in USA you will have one warband with all your European characters (shared among the 3 licenses) and another independent warband with your american characters (shared among the 2 licenses)

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Goodbye Human rep racial

Any update for those who play more than 1 account at the same time?

Warbands is one of the features that I’m looking forward to the most.

I love the campfire scene! I’m not even sure I would ever want to replace it. It reminds me to Diablo and that gives me some good vibes. Also, finally, my characters feel like being part of a team instead of being individuals. It’s a shame we can’t bring them with us to instances though instead of the default followers in follower dungeons. (Follower dungeons is still a favourite feature though! I thought I would never set foot into a WoW instance again and now I enjoy them once more!)

I also love the shared bank. One of the first things I’ll do when this feature is delivered that I will try to unlock all bank slots.

It is nice that we can collect now transmogs for all characters but it would be 100% more awesome if all characters would be able to wear all mogs. Clare is a warrior in the battlefield but not at the dinner table.

Finally, reputation will be account-wide! I love reputation farming (when the gameplay tied to them is also enjoyable) but only once.