The Wrath of the Lich King Classic™ Pre-Patch Goes Now Live!

The Wrath of the Lich King Classic™ Pre-Patch Goes Now Live!

Ominous portents gust in on icy winds blowing into Azeroth from the cold lands of Northrend. The Lich King’s undead forces are on the move, and heroes are needed once more to stem the tide of the Scourge before it’s too late.

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You got this mixed up with The Ruby Sanctum

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I know my guild is really looking forward to Wrath launch. The first boats to Northrend might be dangerously over capacity. How much weight (in standard dwarfs) can a boat hold?

Thanks for not listening to those actively trying to ruin the game with RDF. The silent majority supports you!

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Still waiting for informations about the Fresh Servers.

Like A Realm List, how many pve / pvp?

Will there be a name reservation?

I mean its not even a Week so pls…


Still no info on PvP players getting cucked again and losing 5k arena points

Lol. The only people ruining the game are you and people like you with your egotistical gatekeeping.

Sitting in dalaran for 2 hours begging for a tank/healer and then flying for another 10 minutes to the entrance does not magically make people like the other 4 people in your group. If anything, it only makes them feel disdain for wasting their time that long. This whole notion of “RDF ruined community” is based on nonsensical fallacies perpetuated by people like you trying to gatekeep people out of content because you feel less special when everyone can easily find groups for content without having to fullfill your ridiculous job applications.

And you KNOW that, because classic and TBC classic are already living proof of this.


Who cares? 2 months later they’ll all be ruined by the swipers and botters because blizzard in their infinite wisdom is allowing people to transfer to them.


Or only allow transfers to them under special restrictions. AKA: you cant bring more than 10K gold, cant transfer BoE items nor trade goods such as ores/frozen orbs to bypass the gold restriction.

If you dont do this, there is no point in having fresh servers at all. The people that ruined classic/tbc will just transfer to them after 2 months and ruin the fresh server too

will the xp buff still be active in the pre patch of no?

Its active until Launch of Wotlk

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2 ? They atleast locked for 3 Months.

If they will be good they dont going to open transfers etc. If the Servers are dead ppl transfering away anyway.

They’re locked for 90 days, which i assume, until blizzard posts otherwise, starts from next week when they launch. Meaning there will only be 2 months of ACTUAL lich king expansion before people can transfer.

You hide behind a troll account, drop insults, and your exaggeration is quite the achievement.

It doesn’t take 10 minutes to move to a dungeon - you can move while you’re recruiting and still questing or farming. There is still a dungeon finder - it doesn’t take two hours to get a group - join a guild - play the game.

Spend less time on the forums and you’ll find a group and maybe some happiness.


They locked ATLEAST for 90 Days. So pls. When the Fresh Servers are a empty bc no interest is it complete wayne then anyway.

When they good they wont allow Transfers.

Cant See any Problem here.

Dude, you have so much rage. Maybe you should take a break from wow and reconnect with reality.

okay sweetie. Looks like i hit the nail on the head didnt I.

Uses addons to find groups, yet screeches incessantly about how “DUNGEON FINDER BAD”

You know what the say about people who assume, especially trolls that only reply on a lvl 19 char. Get back to me on your main Big Boy.

EDIT: I think it’s pretty clear at this point why nobody wants to group with you.

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Cant help but notice you’re not denying the addon usage for party forming. Pretty cringe and hypocritical. As expected of a screecher.
RDF is coming and there is nothing you can do about it. classic will die as it always does because of your gatekeepin, and then blizzard will pull the old “look guise, we listened to your feedback and added RDF back” to get back the people that actually play the game

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I don’t use addons for group finding. I have guild, lfg tool and lfg chat. Life is simple.

Take your pills.

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Why no news regarding the 70 Boost or any Digital Deluxe edition?

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