There always going to be a fotm

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So can you just stop complaining and get good against it? Or is blizz so dumb that you have to tell them what’s broken? Legit questions not being sarcastic.


Lmao please stop talking.

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This would have been burried 6 km under all the other posts until you decided to revive it


Nope literally on his front page haha

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What’s wrong with that?


The fact is your answer is so off. I will try to put up a simple example so you can understand better the non sense of your reply.
A : someone points out an obvious fact X among a whole Y ( X being what he said and Y being Wow PvP)
A : when it rains, it is less sunny than on sunny day ( X being this simple fact and Y being weather in general )
B (you) : quote a post from him from the past ( so is it still relevant now is my first question) saying he cannot state X because of this very quote that shows how bad at Y he is.
B : you are no meteorologist please stop saying when there is rain it is less sunny than when there is no cloud.

Hope you were able to understand how your answer couldnt ever be taken seriously in any social environment. Cheers

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This logic is stupid. While it is difficult to completely balance things with so many combinations, it’s not impossible. And it’s even closer to possible to just balance classes enough, that nothing is way OP above the others.
When classes are relatively same in power levels, minor advantages will be neglected in favor of preferred class and nothing will actually look op.
But that requires resource blizzard are obviously unwilling to spend, or…
They want the OP train and cycle of fotm to just go on so people are on the hook forever switching to specs all the time and catching up with the game, grinding gear for the next fotm.

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just go the MoP way and make every class beyond retarded in every single way.

that way nothing is OP ayy lmao


This most likely. The modern gaming industry is very much about keeping you as much as they can in the game while taking as much money as they can (100% obvious for a company). Creating an OP train is a very efficient way to do that in the short term. The addition of level boost had made this even more profitable. There is a reason it takes them 6 months to fix warlock and 2 weeks to fix druid. One is under played while the other is over played. Hence you have to spend on a level boost if you want to keep playing.
Thinking it is not intended is, IMHO, an insult to the very people working at blizzard. They are no morons and know what is happening. Have a nice day!

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God bless you


My point is that Jimbo is just another guy who doesn’t care about balance. He doesn’t care that people has to level up new characters 24/7 to become one-shot maniac.
Yes it is true that every expansion had its FOTM class…
Wrath = DK
Cataclysm = Rogue pretty much
MoP = Warriors
And the rest I would say kinda shifted I guess? Not sure since I didn’t play any starts.

Anyway in Wrath, Cata and MoP it was FOTM, but back then you still had to be good even to control a fotm class I’d say…

Now people like Jimbo has the idea, that you can roll a new class instantly and one-shot. That annoys me hard. Obviously not one-shot till 2.2k… But still get a decent rating for a beginner.

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Of course there will always be one class performing better. The issue is when instead of it being SLIGHTLY better it’s MASSIVELY better.


There wasnt any fotm specs in mop. There were fotm comps. All classes felt good not like this bfa

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