There is no change

A little history… havent played for three months, played afterwards for half a month and again havent played 2 months, specifically Shadowlands. I have to say, there is no change in the game regarding plan-balance, effective change for defence and attacks, non-efficacy of the versatility(is it normal at 40% vers. the spell hit being 25k dmg from a low item level player (60lvl player)) and etc. For you there are only 4 classes (and about the same amount of specializations). Out of 12classes (36 specializations) only 4 are worthwhile and everything else is garbage!!!
Blizzard, why dont you make one spell(or ability) cast = one kill instead of people pressing a thousand buttons.
P.S. Blizzard, if you need more examples ,I can give some videos, but thats not fair for streamers and other people who play this game! … Sorry Blizzard!

I wish to correct you. There is literally zero change since SL alpha. Except the damage and ridiculous burstiness goes up with gear.

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WoW Devs dont understand that PvP starts after full gear and they dont play PvP.

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