There is no way 10.2.6 is coming on Tuesday

Since there is a long maintenance on Tuesday for the US, players think that 10.2.6 is the reason. However, there are three factors that all lead to foolishness if they are not considered when releasing patch 10.2.6 on Tuesday this week.

Not informing the players beforehand about when 10.2.6 is coming is unfair to the players since they have their own life schedules to follow. It would be easier to adapt if they knew when something is being released in advance. Now, there will be many players who are unprepared and won’t have time to play because they didn’t know it would be released. Since this is a game that we pay to play every month, it’s essential to communicate release dates.

For several months now, there has been nothing happening in retail WoW. Not spreading out the content over a longer period of time and instead combining it with the Hearthstone event that is also coming this week is unwise.

This patch event has been kept a secret, and we don’t know what will happen. Blizzard has made this event a surprise content. However, releasing it on weekly resets will result in a smaller player base (US server) experiencing it as a surprise, while the rest (EU, Asia servers) will know about it before it is released in-game. This undermines the aim of this project, as it will no longer be a secret. It is unfair to the non-US players and feels disrespectful from Blizzard’s side to the majority of players.