There's barely any world RP compared to retail


I think most people currently concentrate on leveling. When more people reach max level there will be more RP. Until then, for most people RP will be limited to short encounters in between questing.
Give it two to three more weeks. I think there will be a lot more RP then.


Bruh, I’m not gonna RP in four different colors of armor.


So buy your RP equip as long as it is still cheap!


I used to think nice armor pieces were expensive in WoW.

In Classic, I decided that my character is a level 7 zero-income night elf druid with zero sense of fashion.

Maybe I might spend that hard-earned Classic currency on visuals when I have paid various trainers to teach everything said character can learn…

…Which will probably happen sometime after the Horde rebuilds Teldrassil & Darnassus in retail.


But by that time many more people will have the money to spend it for visuals, and the supply won’t really have grown that much, so if the visuals are important to you, it might make sense to buy before they reach their equilibrium price.

Easier said than done, though, I guess. Though after getting my mount I could get noticably more free with my money.


Just buy some starting area basic suit of clothes or armor and you’ll be fine.


I believe you meant to say, “compared to Argent Dawn”. I’ve seen plenty of RP happening spontaneously out in the world (and it’s made me very happy), but I don’t play on AD, so my standards are quite different…

Seems to me plenty of people are happy to RP if you just start the conversation. I’ve roleplayed with several random people while grouping for quests, which was quite enjoyable. They didn’t have roleplay flags, so I was taking a chance on them, but most delivered.


I myself have had plenty of RP situations whilst out leveling, randomly talking to others I see with TRP or them approaching me. The RP is there, but as you can imagine, its only been out two weeks and most people are loving the gameplay. If you dont see any RP, Start it!


Another important thing is that many RPers are unaware that both MRP and TRP3 are compatible with Classic, so you could be seeing more RPers than you realize. Surely in time more people will show up with the addon.


Another issue - Layering, that can be hiding a lot of potential RP, so the sooner that goes, the better.


RP is what you make it.

When someone complains about the “lack of RP”, my counter is, “What RP are you doing?”

Classic launched 17 days ago. In Vanilla, I recall a “feeling of community” only several months after joining.

Make RP. We’ll get there.


But but! Im still assembling my outfit!
After all cant go rp’ing looking like a hobo!

I dont imagine that Im alone in this. Im betting that a bunch of other people are out dress shopping trying to get their perfect town clothes in order.

Even though Im still bouncing around frantically trying to get stylish on several toons Ive run into rp on multiple occations. So I think the future looks bright.


Totally understand you OP but most of us who are levelling are just as eager as you to RP! As someone who enjoys the game and the story but my most favourite part of playing is actually RP.

I’d love to jump right in but i’m not ready and neither is my character and that probably applies to most people on HW I think.


What Kassandra said, and I don’t even know yet whether I’ll play (rp) this character :sob::joy:


Hobo-looking or not, I’ll be damned if there’s not going to be some drunken RP in goldshire tonight! :grinning::partying_face::muscle::beers:


Don’t you put that evil on us.


Judging from the local weather, I’d say you’ve been there plenty, Raindancer!


Lies and slander!

Besides, my services cost. I dance, sometimes it rains. Fifty percent of the time it works every time.


I mean, somebody needs to craft ze tiki masks for ze tribe.

I’ll see myself out <.<’


You’ll laugh, that misuse of my character name didn’t come to my mind yet.
Maybe I should try to receive a name change.