There's barely any world RP compared to retail


I wouldn’t. Zetiki is a perfectly acceptable Troll name. And I’m not just saying that because I had a Troll druid named Natiki sometime during TBC ;>

/edit: Just name her Ze’Tiki or Zeti’Ki in your flag.


I really would not worry about it. Zetiki is a good name for a troll and you can make more or less awful puns with just about every name. See also Raindancer a few posts before it. That’s not me trying to be Saccharyn, that’s just is.

I just happen to have an unfortunate proclivity to it.


Punny names really aryn’t so bad.


I’m unpunable. Still working on unpuntable, though…


My, aren’t you a glib one.

/edit: This is maybe getting a bit too off-topic here grins I’ll shut up.


I agree. I have had it a few times happening now that someone clearly new to role play talked to me ooc in /s and I replied in character - and suddenly they tried to role play as well. Granted, it was bumpy most of the time, but they clearly tried and you could see they kind of enjoyed the experience. I also had random strangers with non-rp names sitting down and listening to rp I did with guild mates.

I guess what I want to say is: without rp veterans actively working towards immersion - even just with small tidbits like saluting a special NPC - , we will probably miss out on new players. We have a clean slate here, a great chance with a fresh server, but just running around and hoping for rp miraculously to happen won’t do us any good.


I’ll chip in here.

I’ve found a fair bit of RP, in Menethil Harbour, Stormwind and even the dreaded Gl0dshire (seriously).

Do I have possess earth-shattering secret, or special RP magnetism that others lack? No, far from it.

All I did was walk rather than run, and that’s it. Nothing else.

I walked onto the boat in Darkshore on my first visit to the Wetlands, people on the boat acknowledged and used /smile emotes, because I guess walking is still a universal signpost for “I am a roleplayer”. Getting off the boat I struck up in-character conversations. It wasn’t exactly ground-breaking, deep, plot-driven RP; it was just in-character chit chat, but that’s fine. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Same thing happened in Stormwind, and again in Gl0dshire, where, right now the number of Vampire Princess, Lapdancer Gods in Dragon Form are mercifully at a minimum.

So, for what it’s worth, my advice is walk don’t run, and don’t be afraid to actually initiate RP with people you meet that you think might be receptive. Someone always has to be the first to start an RP interaction, and it may as well be you.

As others have said, it’s not massively widespread right now, because most people are too focused on the newness of the experience and are overwhelmed with other things to do - leveling chief among them, but this will change.

No idea if this post is helpful or not, but I thought I’d share it anyway.


I agree with that. So far I’ve had random people hit up an in character conversation, I did it, also because I’ve written that I’m open to being hit up people have done that, walking helped, emoting helped, and I’ve even rp’d while questing. We’re everywhere! There’s just a bit of an initial hurdle, that being that as has been mentioned everybody is busy leveling and will rather react to what comes up.

I have an interesting theory regarding Goldshire…maybe few of ‘them’ rerolled classic because there’s no draenei and worgen coughs etc…?


It takes a lot longer to put together over the top secksy clothes in Classic. Give it time.

That said, way back when Goldshire also really wasn’t a hub for that kinda roleplay. That only started to become a thing during TBC and Wrath.

If it’s currently not very well frequented by certain players, I’d say… take advantage of it. Claim Goldshire for normal roleplay, so it’s not available, should they arrive.




Don’t know if it have been pointed out yet… One of the reasons you don’t seen much World Rp is also the fact we are still under the effect of Layering which DO make it hard for random Rp’ers to encounter each others for Random Rp since you can’t see each other after all.


People have already mentioned the layering issue, but don’t forget this is a low-pop server, and still in the early days. Many people are going to be focused on getting to know their characters, re-learning the lore, etc.

And a lot of people aren’t going to look at Goldshire as the ‘Glory Days’ of WoW RP. Some people might want to focus on leveling up a little so they can so they can do it in the wider world.


And don’t forget, ‘Current’ WoW is just as good for RP as Classic. Maybe some don’t want to go to the extra effort of doing here what they can do there already.


I know when I RP I generally want to present a finished character , that has all the gear and trinkets that reflects the attitude, and storyline of the character. I know I can go and RP now and have done in small amounts, but I will be waiting until 60, until I have the warhorse and gear to go along with my shining soldier of the light as that is my plan for this char. So for people like myself, RP will begin fully once the content has been patiently revisited and enjoyed =) Any old Sha’tar realm peeps that remember me add me up , 11 years away the numbers may be small ( lightsworn, argent reach etc ):stuck_out_tongue:


Best bet is to join one of the many discords that are going and advertise you looking for RP there, with layering hiding people, it’s very difficult to find anyone.

For me and my guild, we’re just taking it easy and using this time to prepare for phase 2, when phasing is gone. We have done some preaching which went really well!