They definitly should make another Season of mastery with increased difficulty

Hi everyone ! Since everything we can find on SoM2 is purely speculative, let’s discuss about another one here ?

For my part, as one of the many Vanilla wow lovers I really think they should make another one happen, maybe with an increase of the difficulty like mobs and bosses life and damages to make it even harder?
Maybe create the possibility to increase late dungeon difficulty and get better loots there would be cool too?
What do you guys think?

You can make suggestions in game

or in the Classic forums

This is the Customer Service forum and they wont be able to help or discuss the issue.

Hello Punyelf, thank you very much, i’d like to do so but its weird, I cannot reply in forums and I cannot create a new topic neither… i’m obviously connected but i dont get why i can’t do that… could you help me with that please?

You need active gametime to post outside of customer/technical support.

If you have active gametime, then you need to log out of the forums, clear your cookies, then log back in.