They only buffed Chaos Bolt tooltip?

So anyone else noticing Chaos Bolt is actually not hitting as hard as it should against a pvp dummy, after the latest patch? Consistently around 20% less than the tooltip indicates, so did they actually buff this at all?

  • [With weekly restarts] Chaos Bolt damage increased by 40% in PvP Combat (was 15%).

like you i wanted to try the chaos bolt and i was let;s see the dmg now and after 20 chaos bolts i was like wtf it seams like -40% not +40%

I wanted to do exactly the same post. Tooltip says 60k and in real it does 40k. Its is like its weaker than before.

now i tried on a player and it seams ok evoker with 35% versa

or not i dont know

The change was definetily not implemented as intented. Chaos bolt hits less then yesterday… I was hitting 80k chaosbolt with full procs and talents yesterday. Today i barely reach 70k. Cant understand how Blizzard is doing this… First Soulswap, now this…

Yup bugged on EU, same dmg as before. On NA and Tournament realms its working fine

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Have you tried against other players? Are we certain that the pvp training dummies aren’t bugged?

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Is this confirmed by any devs? Cause dmg is still very low…

Can’t find any information on this, but it could be just the dummy that’s bugged. Has anyone had the chance to confirm this in actual pvp?

I went into a random bg. Highest I hit a guy for was like 90k, which is the same as before. Meanwhile I hear on twitch chats some people been hit for 120-130k… I have full conquest gear, playing all the right talents, damage is literally same as before for me. Definitely seems buggy.

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yup, this happened last time as well and then it got fixed after few days, it’s weird.

Sometimes I worry there is something as “per character” / “per account” bug… it shouldn’t be technically possible and yet…

I can 100% confirm that my dmg is exactly same as yesterday, same min/max/average… only difference in dps seems to be minor Incinerate boost.

Fakegodxx I second this

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I didn’t see this thread before hence I posted one below.

It’s not same as before sadly, it’s actually 15% lower. :smiley:

I did, tested naked in duels, -15% lower for me.


Haha, gg blizz. Guess my lock is benched until this is fixed. Tried to report it but I’ve no idea how. They just direct you to US forums, but unfortunately EU accounts can’t post there. :smiley:

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My experience is target dummies are pretty hokey right now. For example on my shaman you cannot cast primordial wave at the pvp dummy in Valdraken, it’s just broken - but you can cast it at all the pvE dummies. So you literally can’t run your pvp rotation at all.

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Don’t think it’s bugged for everyone tho as I have been hit on several occasions for quite higher numbers than before the patch.

Did another round of testing Today, again duels and dummies too. Still around 10-15% lower than before the patch for me (in pvp).

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Bin mir unsicher

Yup, it’s completely random across accounts/character, horrible kind of bug