They're people playing classic

But everyone is so spread out across different realms.

Everyone who still plays classic needs to come together on one realm, we all have something in common, we love classic era.

Hear my cry people of classic. Join the not so burning crusade and let’s all re-joice together on one realm, one community and a truck loads of good memories to be had!!!



Come to Pyrewood! Much more alive than I thought, good on both sides (all though I can mainly speak for the alliance side)


Yeah, I just joined social guild on mirag/pyre etc, a bunch of nice people here! :smiley:

I am havin fun here!

there is plenty of activity on stonespine eu mostly the spam for raid recruiting
and heroic dungeons
but not so much for the lower level dungeons and group quests

This is classic forum, not TBC :slight_smile:
They’re referring to the vanilla classic rather than TBC classic.


I suggest you people to check darrowshire (just google it). Blizz’s classic is dead for good.


Huh what are the odds. That’s the server or realm that i main on.

Sung by Cranius - it’s wonderful.

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need Fresh



We need Blizzard to merge all the servers in one big of each type (PVP - PVE - RP), and you can create a level 1 char on it if you want FrEsH sErVeR.

Some people have paid to copy and KEEP their characters, not to start from nothing


yea sure but you can still play your copy char if we get fresh

u can stay on your merged realms

Don’t you feel scammed? I personally would. You paid to play on a dead server that will never receive another update and people will only start leaving faster than people join.

Well fortunaltely, i found a guild so we can raid every week, we help each other for quest, dungeon (I think there is only our guild Horde side, and the other is Alliance side), but yeah AH is empty, etc. And from what I see, the problem is the same on other servers.

So in my opinion, the best solution is to merge the servers, people played for years on private servers and they were not this empty, simply because people were playing on only 1 server.

And for the people that want Fresh, they create a lvl 1 char on this merged server and everyone is happy :smile:

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Which server are you playing on?

Hold your mouse over the player icon and a bar lover left hand wil tell you :wink:

Come to Hydraxian Waterlords. Make the dream a reality!

Given the current population trend, I invite you to join the PvE cluster instead.

+1 started on alliance, incredible flow and 3 guilds already raiding.

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Haha, what a scam that was, and yet some people are subbed in addition. You have my condolences.

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