Third Faction Yes or No!?

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No for me. There is a big problem with balance already with only 2 factions. Also i dont think this game has enough players to fill up 3 factions and not sit in ques for hours.

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Yes, but a third faction should be a legit evil/darker shade of gray faction of a split horde.

While the alliance is united, the horde isn’t and the horde lorewise and playerbase wise is split into two factions.

The heartless horde that gets the job done, old horde mentality orcs, forsaken, that part of the blood elves etc etc.

The honorable horde, the horde that want to uphold honor no matter the situation, even in the most dire situations.

I can see the split horde factions minding their own business and having a truce between them but each is it’s own separate entity and mentality, each have a common hatred to the Alliance, but one is trying to mend wounds and build peace bridges and the other wants to take down the Alliance no matter the method.

It would be a unique setting that doesn’t require changing the game settings a lot, the BGS will stay the same Horde + Evil horde vs Alliance, etc etc.

Mean while the Alliance is too strong to even flinch, too scary to pick a war with and too humble to eradicate weaker factions, striking peace with the good horde but still having small skirmishes here and there like the old times, while being full out kill on sight for the evil horde but never bothering to seek them out as it would be too risky.

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In terms of story there’s no reason why there couldn’t be 3, 4, 5 or more factions. And honestly, it would be cool if that story dynamic was possible. Various races have switched allegiances various times in the past, so there’s no reason (from a story perspective) why they shouldn’t do so again. The Blood Elves left their Human Alliance for example.

Gameplay-wise it’s probably not realistic. How do you even make a 1-120 leveling experience for a new faction? You’d have to re-make the entire game, wouldn’t you?
Going down that route seems like a monumental development task, which is hardly worth the effort. It would cost a lot more than one raid tier.


Why would you want a third faction when there won’t be factions at all in 9.0?


This is written so good! ++++ :+1:
Because this I want to leave Horde but still dont want to be Alliance. Sure I have both factions but Alliance play one in month maybe less. Dont see it like main faction to play.

You believe in that fairy tale? :unicorn:


I believe in blizzard story writing and jaina making babies with thrall.

Also honor is meaningless to a corpse.


I mean if Horde keeps hiring those mad twisted-minded Warchiefs over and over again, I’ll leave this faction like 100%.


How I remember Ion clearly say that peace betwen 2 faction never will be as continue in this war. We’re just going to stagnate somehow, pretend that war never was. But to merge into a one…No Chance!
I would not be so happy to see in Orgimmar little Jaina baby pickles!

I Blizzard kill Sylvanas and Alliance get holy undeads I will leave WoW :+1:
Because I dont see nothing fun in WoW anymore.


Thats seems understandable but the bg lore might get screwed up like this…for example orc vs night elves in wsg since the orcs wants the wood supply and the nelves want to protect the forest…i cant c where the third faction will stand…system wise i can agree with you and livia 100%…lorewise and specially for old bgs, i find it difficult…

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Three factions seems meh to me. Each to their own but the entire game is set up with two factions.

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Why would you “need” one?

If that is so important, then an option to remain completely neutral would come in handy :hugs:



Would mutch rather like 0 factions. The playerbase is slowly declining, so no faction would make it easier to play with others .

BGs just need a tiny adition to lore for it to work.


I would like a third faction… Depending on what it was…

A neutral faction? Sure, I’m all for that, a faction that focuses more on the defense of Azeroth instead of beating each other up.

But another way of doing it might be to make a third faction that is “the bad guys” and let players join it.
For example a Void themed faction or Sylvanas leading a new “Scourge”.

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I’d love it, but my reason is really shallow - I hate the orc aesthetic and the endless steppes, spikes and sand. I just… can’t with it. I hate every second in Orgrimmar. Taurens and undead are my horde babes.

I don’t think it will happen though. If so, then a choosing of faction is more likely than an entirely new one.


If there gonna be 3rd neutral faction pls let it be Argent Dawn or Kirin For.
No creepy cartels or tentacles :crazy_face:


When one considers how far WoW has gone 3 faction is not something that would blow it current game play. Horde before was strong as Alliance now you can see division, doubt, resentment in both factions. Not a single Jaina and Thrall can back factions like it was. To much blood is spill out.
I am confused by the behavior of some characters in Hordeand Alliance. How they take all simple…meh totally :neutral_face: Tyrande is moved from last patch as Sylvannas . So you get comfortably start thinking about the possibility of a merge factions …happy ever after… And there is boom Hathorel : Have you forgotten the purge of Dalaran, murderer? Today, the Sunreavers will be avenged!
And then you remember how broken everything really is but some characters refuse to see it. It is like ok you kill mine friends, family…lets be a friends :smiley:
It totally doesn’t make sense … :joy:

I need one because this 2 r broken no super glue ever fix it …
And also because I m grey villain in mine soul… Horde and Alliance made me like this :neutral_face::joy:

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That choice is there simply cuz Blizzard was forcing players into a monster/murderer/loyalist route and lots of people were rising their opposition to it.
While it fits to the Forsaken character it’s totally oof for a Tauren for example.

This made Blizz to add the illusion of choice, but don’t be fooled. The outcome of the story is already pre-determined and most you can count on is some kind of a toy.

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So instead of splitting the playerbase in two it would be three.

yeah, genius idea.

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