This game looks pretty dope


Does anyone know where I can play it?

(Saíyko) #2

Don’t you think there are too many spells? He looks so overwhelmed (: (:


he looks more frustrated to me, probl because he just bought the wrong piece of gear


I’d say he’s playing arena out of frustration after desperately trying to find the pvp vendor.

Cuz you know… PvP players have 20 IQ

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I’ll stick to my BFA Warrior gameplay thank you very much

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I disagree, cata was pretty bad


I disagree. Cata was pretty dope.

(Juliuscesar) #8

When warlocks, hunters and dks only had 1 pet and you could actually see what’s going on without 1000 nameplates on your screen.


Watching these old models tears me up, all new models/animations looks like shiet…

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I only watched the first 5 seconds and I’m already sad at the potential we lost.

How the Shaman turned while casting to avoid Gouge for example.

The next things the choice to make between Mana Shield and Earth Shield.

Too sad to watch this further to come back to Bfa…

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The Art team is the only thing Blizzard is still top notch at.

Edit: Except for PvP Sets…or now even “Tier sets”.

(Xartim) #12

Art team is great, animation team? Not so great.


“Don’t you think there are too many spells? He looks so overwhelmed (: (:”

This is my favourite argument. It’s bloody GOOD if less skilled players get overwhelmed. What does the opposite imply? 1700’s being capable of handling their spells in arena implies that a monkey can perform the “rotations” correctly and the degree of decision making is a joke.

Back then you could actually get gladiator (way harder then than later xpacs) in leveling gear. Meanwhile decently geared players who didn’t know what they were doing would accomplish very little. Save for some legendary staffs, trinkets and daggers. Those were BS.

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