This hurts me

Man, i just went on the first released classic to check how many people there was in Orgrimmar (Mirage raceway) and there was only 3 people. It really makes me sad to see all of those who played classic just disappear. Is there any server on EU that has a high population of people or is everything just dead?

How do you feel about this?


I think your problem is that you are Horde. A majority of Horde players are PvP, and most PvP players went forwards to Burning crusade. Alliance at the same cluster is double the amount as Hordes.
6 in Org vs 11 in STW
48 total Horde vs. 99 total Alliance - to be more around 9 o’clock.
If you go to HW or the PvP clusters you’ll see the same pattern. Less horde, less PvP.
ZT is dead with 3-5 players total on any side

I feel immensly sad. And I blame two things: Blizzard’s greed in cloning price and the “downtalkers” here and on Discord.


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