This is clearly a bug and should be fixed

After receiving Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood Sword I went to upgrade it in order to get the Mythic appearance because transmog is very important to me and half the reason I’m playing the game.

After logging out and logging back in I was surprised to find out that the Heroic version of the sword was removed from my appearance log. After doing some research I found out that this is a common problem and that it is considered a “game feature” by the Devs

It is absolutely infuriating how there was no warning, that this was going to happen and it only occurred after I logged out. Given the fact that equipping the sword makes it un-tradable and upgrading does the same, but the first one keeps the appearance while the other one removes it, I don’t see a way that a player would be able to know about this without being informed about it after the fact. It is simply unintuitive and not intended design just a by-product of the system

I have spent countless hours farming this weapon partly because of the appearance and to be punished in this way because I played the game enough to have the resources to upgrade it immediately with no warning just feels unfair and punishing for no reason

I should not have to research online in order in order to find out about this. If this is intentional like you claim then you should have warned players about it just with a warning before upgrading or, even better, make the item un-upgradable until equipped in order to avoid this or remove this bug completely. I got a heroic item, I should have a heroic appearance, you want to give the players less? then inform them about it before taking something away

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Same Problem here with the LFR version of Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood Sword, after the upgrade I acquired the normal version appearance but the LFR appearance disappeared.

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I did not, I think you can make a similar argument for the catalyst. There should be a warning or something that tells you that you are about to lose the appearance permanently like when deleting epic items.
However, you could make the argument that it’s a bit less non-intuitive based on the fact that you lose the catalyzed item from your inventory. When you upgrade something in the HERO track it should make sense that you keep that version of the item since you have it in your bags

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