This is how i have fun playing WoW


I make alts !

Create new stories, leveling them up from 1 to 120.

And i do have fun, my last alt was well, that one.

I made him a lore, Lethario former Sunwielder to Voidwielder, brother to my Paladin “Letharion” still a Blood elf and still a Sunwielder Priest and Paladin, rival brothers.

Each “expansion change” i change my haircut and my transmog

1 - 60

60 - 80 (Those 20 levels are a pain)

etc… And i don’t know, i feel like it’s easier to get into the game that way.

Just wanted to share my experience, i’m quite enjoy the game ATM tbh.

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Happy to hear you are enjoying it

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I can relate to this :slight_smile:

Levelling up the char seem less tedious when you have some personality for the char, and some actions are more easy to make when you have a char with some flavour to it :blush:

And I guess a little bond with the char is created when you know it so well, making the game fun to be in :wink:


That’s really nice! I did the same, even before i start to Roleplay.
Having stories for characters, enchanting their background, having more bond with the quest you’re doing, etc. This is really fun, and further, one may Roleplay it. But even without RPing, still it’s very fun! I recommend it and love that you’re enjoying… and good to see someone sharing this opinion. :slight_smile:


basically you’re a roleplayer ok


tbh the only Roleplay i do is playing a Resto shaman pandaren that purges Goldshire by using holy Water.

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yup, this is why I have so many hunters. Each one is a different race and has pets,mogs and emotes that fit their race or ‘character’.



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