This is mostly a stealth related topic but it occured in a BG, so its here now

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I was doing the cataclysm re-hash of WSG and being a rogue, I grabbed the zerker buff first. (Naturally) And whether this is a bug with picking up zerker buff now? or something else, I was uncannily facing russians who were targeting me(can see through the UI options to allow you to see the target of your target) and attacking me from the other side of the river with single target abilities.

Despite I was well out of the way of being caught in stealth (And have more than enough experience to be aware of what I am doing in terms of avoiding being caught in stealth.), keeping in mind it wasn’t a DH or regular hunter either but actually a shaman so there is no way he should of seen me given I was in stealth from the gates opening and berserker buff doesn’t pull you from stealth.

If somebody can shed some light on this experience, that would be great. else I am just going to have to start agreeing with the rest of the saltfest, that russians are cheaters cause this is the first time its happened to me and its just tragic how it was vs the “cyka blyats” who get the most blame for this kind of nonsense.

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Potion of Heightened Senses

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Are you sure potion of heightened senses works as well as DH spectral vision does? cause if so then I be damned :stuck_out_tongue:

As said I didn’t even get to cross the river and the guy was already targeting me from the other side of it and plural on russian(s) theres no way/chance in heck that there were more than one users using that potion.


Potion of Heightened Senses.

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