This is the end!


The suits in your organization is doing the same travel Arthas once did…
And it’s going to be bad…
Bobby Kotick is the new Lich King.

I wish Blizzard Entertainment would reinstate Mike Morhaime, and that Activison listened to this, in Bolvar Fordragon’s voice:
“Leave this place, and never return!”


blizzard died in 2008-2009


blizz died after ragefire chasm release


Ladies and gentlemen. The weekly doomsayer has arrived.

Let the entertainment begin…


Oh look, the knight in white shining armor has arrived. Let the defense begin.

Oh, I forgot you can’t criticize Blizzard without one of these popping up…


Seems like you can’t defend it, either. Or did you really expect everyone to agree with you? It doesn’t work like that, Sunshine.

(Minria) #7

You can’t legitimately raid him and he probably doesn’t drop good loot upon demise.


Oh. This one has spirit. Aight…there doomposts since TBC and WOW is still alive. Like c"moon people said in TBC that the doom has come? Well where the hell is he? Guess he took one big of a commute :smiley:

Hope he at least bring some beers for the people waiting…

(Basyxqt) #9

Don’t give any beer to the doomsayers tho.

Let them eat cake.

(Voitek) #10

Blah blah blah. You may as well of typed that TBH dude.

(Goresh) #11

If I pretend to be a doomsayer, can I still have cake?

(Alexima) #12

you will learn. NO KING RULES FOREVER.


(Tèsla) #13

NEVER! i will never serve him!!!

(Tahra) #14

I don’t drink. Gimme popcorn.


Op you talk about serious things and they will definately matter to this games future quality and the way Blizzard is seen amongs their customers. But posting with that headline will never get anything but funny remarks because it is one of the biggest cliches rolling on the the forums week after week. Maybe this was your purpose anyway, but if you want to discuss more about the subject there is other threads with quite lively conversations going on. :smiley:


Instead of making posts like this, why not just quit the game?

i’m on day 3 no game time and i feel at peace <3 i have more time to myself
in the real world without standing in goldshire like a tree 24/7.

I’ve started to read novels again, catching up with netflix movies and shows i’ve been wanting to see. looking outside the window is also fun. I even made pizza lastnight /drool

you should try it instead of relying on a game to entertain your life <3

(Punyelf) #17

I’m waiting for someone with photoshop skills to put his head on the Lich King now :laughing:


I swear i saw one yesterday somewhere but now searching i could only find this:


You can game and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It was just your poor choices that impacted you.

(Tifa) #20

Looks like you cant fully let the game go though as youre here :smiley: