This is the end!

(Basyxqt) #9

Don’t give any beer to the doomsayers tho.

Let them eat cake.

(Voitek) #10

Blah blah blah. You may as well of typed that TBH dude.

(Goresh) #11

If I pretend to be a doomsayer, can I still have cake?

(Alexima) #12

you will learn. NO KING RULES FOREVER.


(Tèsla) #13

NEVER! i will never serve him!!!

(Tahra) #14

I don’t drink. Gimme popcorn.


Op you talk about serious things and they will definately matter to this games future quality and the way Blizzard is seen amongs their customers. But posting with that headline will never get anything but funny remarks because it is one of the biggest cliches rolling on the the forums week after week. Maybe this was your purpose anyway, but if you want to discuss more about the subject there is other threads with quite lively conversations going on. :smiley:


Instead of making posts like this, why not just quit the game?

i’m on day 3 no game time and i feel at peace <3 i have more time to myself
in the real world without standing in goldshire like a tree 24/7.

I’ve started to read novels again, catching up with netflix movies and shows i’ve been wanting to see. looking outside the window is also fun. I even made pizza lastnight /drool

you should try it instead of relying on a game to entertain your life <3

(Punyelf) #17

I’m waiting for someone with photoshop skills to put his head on the Lich King now :laughing:


I swear i saw one yesterday somewhere but now searching i could only find this:


You can game and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It was just your poor choices that impacted you.

(Tifa) #20

Looks like you cant fully let the game go though as youre here :smiley:


This Forum totally seprate to game =D


Which is true, you be amazed some can’t actually do that, the game becomes a religious chore, which i finally broke out off.

(Punyelf) #23

Or maybe some are still finding things to do they enjoy.

(Uldurin) #24

I find so much new stuff i want to work towards everyday i’m going crosseyed :sweat_smile:

(Faolanhart) #25

You’d be a fool to think everything is fine & dandy.
But people have a hard time believing that this might actually be the end because people have been claiming WoW is dead from the beginning.
Every time they made a change someone didn’t like.
Every time they chose a theme or setting someone didn’t like.
We have cried wolf too many times to be taken seriously.

But what has been happening lately is more than just hurr durr pandas are dumb or hurr durr the game is too easy.
It’s more than just poor & lazy game design & shop mounts few people actually vote with their wallets on.
From the outside looking in things look shaky at Blizzard.
It looks like they’re in the process of a major takeover.

Its scary & I hope I’m wrong & this is just my emotions talking.
But I honestly think Blizz is on the road to being one of the broken greats, like Bioware. Not dead dead. But not what it was.
You could argue that that has been the case for many years & yeah there is truth to that. But now more so.

(Punyelf) #26

No one is kidding themselves that the game shares it’s popularity that it had back in the Wrath era, however World of Warcraft still has a large player base by any game standard.

There are things I don’t like about BfA, some of which started before BfA like Titanforging, AP grinding. With the amount of gear being thrown at players in BfA I don’t even see that TF is needed any more. I dislike Azerite gear, I hate how it’s not flexible like tier, I dislike the lack of secondary stats and I wish the traits were just on the neck instead.

However, I am still finding plenty to do on the game. I log on daily and do stuff. I don’t struggle to find things to do and some of the things I do probably don’t appeal to others. Just like I don’t like some aspects of the game. I rarely PvP, I wish I liked it because I need so many achievements in it but it’s just not something I enjoy doing.

I do find it odd that some will continually go on about the shop. It’s been around for nearly a decade. It’s not causing issues in the game to have the odd cosmetic mount or pet. They are just optional extras in a game that has hundreds of mounts and pets available in the game. Some will always villify the shop and we see the same posts every time a new mount appears, or even if they dare to have a sale. I bought the first pet back in November 2009.

Until I actually have trouble finding people to do content with I wont think this game is actually going to die. So far I don’t struggle to find groups for raids, dungeons, m plus, rares, group quests etc. Even if you can’t see one listed, they soon fill up when you list it.

I know it’s unpopular to say I play WoW and I find things I enjoy but I do :slight_smile:

(Tahra) #27

Neh it’s cool. I wish I shared your outlook, because I do WANT WoW to be entertaining for me. I don’t wish it to perform badly.

That’s why my ‘quitting’ isn’t really quitting as much as ‘taking a break’.
As far as WoW dying, I think that’s many years off.


This reminded me of the Adele song. I enjoy it.

This is not the end. If you gotta go, just go. Stop trying to drag everyone with you. Have the maturity to make your own decision and leave.