This is the WoW I fell in love with

(Tèsla) #27

Just running in Barrens hearing music around me… with zhevras and giraffes…
Ps. i changed char and now im in silverpine killed by Pyrewood village elite mobs. Ages… Ages… we were in 4 tryin to find the damned book. 3 wipes.
I LOVED every moment of it.


I cannot play just yet, because I am waiting for my new computer that I ordered, but I can tell you this: I could share a number of experiences and feelings that I had at certain periods back when I was playing vanilla, all of them unique and mesmerising

To keep it short I want to share that one experience that I am hyped for the most to relive again as soon as my computer arrives:

  • It is the whole starting experience when I played with my first character (nightelf priest back then, but I am going to play hunter this time around) and everything up until Ashenvale and all the Nightelf areas as a whole.

  • The sounds of nightsabers, spiders, owls, furbolgs etc. (spiders in the cave in the starting area in particular).

  • The whole atmosphere that is created by the the Nightelven forests together with the mysterious soundtrack of those areas.

  • The soothing voices of Nightelf NPCs.

  • The whole Warcraft 3 Nightelf feeling brought to perfection.

  • The unhurried pace of the game in general.

  • Last but not least (actually this is probably one of the most important elements for my personal experience back then) the lime tree outside of my window that I learned to hold dear as the very smell of the nightelven forests from Teldrassil to Ashenvale.

All these experiences and much more are the reason why I cannot wait to play the game again. All my friends are already online and way ahead of me, but in no way am I going to rush things to “get to them”. I will take my time and absorb each and every moment and also the social interactions I will make during my journey.


Bless Satan

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I had a blast questing in Duskwood once again!

It’s mostly the little things: spooky eyes watching you from the depths of the woods, Stitches patrolling the main road, the many adventurers investigating the mysteries of Raven Hill… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Stitches… oh yes I remember him he wrecked my baby rogue back in the day.

(Hroardane) #32

I can assure you he’s still in that business!


Some things are worth waiting for :).


Like so many others I love classic and wow all over again… I always missed the good old days but I didn’t expect I would be THIS happy to return to them…


haven’t been here since 2008, what’s a Forum Ambassador?


I barely escaped Stitches at level 26 but a fellow Alliance was not so lucky :smile:


Yes he was a handful for sure.


It has been roughly 13 years for me since I played WoW.

I have come home.


Havent touched BfA since Classic came out and have no desire to go back. Classic is World of Warcraft for me now.

(Psyfy) #40

Classic has just been pure bliss so far. I want to stay here for a long, long time …
The world feels big and gloriously dangerous, I love it.


Having the best gaming experience. :))


holy shiz i did not know that was in the loot table!! i cannot wait to fish them :D:D


Unless I had made a mistake, because I also had one normal lockbox that I opened along the chests from fishing and cannot recall if it was 100% from the fishing chests, but I think so :confused:


Home at last!

180 hours played the first 11 days… My life is over, but I love it :slight_smile:


You are such a geek Toto. Now where’s my wand? :slight_smile:

With the guys I’m playing with the game feels exactly like back then. Solo it is dangerous and I group as much as I can. Short encounters with 1-4 others and recognizing ppl you have met earlier is just wonderful.

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If it wasn’t for layer hopping and faceroll instanced content, I would agree. As is though Classic is not a very good MMO. It’s not Vanilla nor is it high quality in all aspects.

6/10. Which still probably makes it the best commercial MMO.