This is the WoW I fell in love with

Have been playing all weekend and it was awesome. Now I am just lvl 14 and I have a level 10 mage to lvl when my friends are offline.

Haha yeah, that is the best I guess. I also try to minimize my time in wow during the week :sweat_smile: Played 2 hours at work last Friday due to system failures, so there was no way to work and I was sitting there with my laptop on the desk. Felt very illegal :joy:

How was your weekend guys?

Best part for me? I woke up today, realized that due to appointments, I may not get any play time in, and my BfA-addled mind immediately went “fuuuuuuu!” because of all the daily stuff I was gonna miss.

…And then I realized I miss nothing in Classic if I don’t log in for a day. Made me appreciate it all the more.


I love spending hours killing pigmen and furbolgs. I’m not even being sarcastic.


I actually can’t wait to come home from work each day and get on to Classic. I feel like I am 15 again, coming home from school and wandering around Azeroth for hours.

Some of the mystery is gone of course, I know the zones now, how the classes work. But that doesn’t subtract from the gameplay and the immersive atmosphere and RPG elements of the game.

I was expecting Classic to be a quick nostalgia rush, get to Level 10 for fun and then move on.

But here I am at Level 46, planning what to do at Level 60. It’s just a great game, and age hasn’t changed that at all.


Lost my mind when I got a 14 slot bag from a quest the other day, it’s a tough life as a rogue! Currently have 40 Blinding Powders, 40 Flash Powders, 80 Instant Poison 3s, Thieves tools, Food, Cloths, Bandages, Skinning knifes and thrown weapons in my bag.

Exactly as it should be, a proper adventurers toolkit to explore the world of Azeroth.


I know how you feel.
I need more time to play. :cry:

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Just running in Barrens hearing music around me… with zhevras and giraffes…
Ps. i changed char and now im in silverpine killed by Pyrewood village elite mobs. Ages… Ages… we were in 4 tryin to find the damned book. 3 wipes.
I LOVED every moment of it.


I cannot play just yet, because I am waiting for my new computer that I ordered, but I can tell you this: I could share a number of experiences and feelings that I had at certain periods back when I was playing vanilla, all of them unique and mesmerising

To keep it short I want to share that one experience that I am hyped for the most to relive again as soon as my computer arrives:

  • It is the whole starting experience when I played with my first character (nightelf priest back then, but I am going to play hunter this time around) and everything up until Ashenvale and all the Nightelf areas as a whole.

  • The sounds of nightsabers, spiders, owls, furbolgs etc. (spiders in the cave in the starting area in particular).

  • The whole atmosphere that is created by the the Nightelven forests together with the mysterious soundtrack of those areas.

  • The soothing voices of Nightelf NPCs.

  • The whole Warcraft 3 Nightelf feeling brought to perfection.

  • The unhurried pace of the game in general.

  • Last but not least (actually this is probably one of the most important elements for my personal experience back then) the lime tree outside of my window that I learned to hold dear as the very smell of the nightelven forests from Teldrassil to Ashenvale.

All these experiences and much more are the reason why I cannot wait to play the game again. All my friends are already online and way ahead of me, but in no way am I going to rush things to “get to them”. I will take my time and absorb each and every moment and also the social interactions I will make during my journey.


Bless Satan

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I had a blast questing in Duskwood once again!

It’s mostly the little things: spooky eyes watching you from the depths of the woods, Stitches patrolling the main road, the many adventurers investigating the mysteries of Raven Hill… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Stitches… oh yes I remember him he wrecked my baby rogue back in the day.

I can assure you he’s still in that business!


Some things are worth waiting for :).

Like so many others I love classic and wow all over again… I always missed the good old days but I didn’t expect I would be THIS happy to return to them…


haven’t been here since 2008, what’s a Forum Ambassador?

I barely escaped Stitches at level 26 but a fellow Alliance was not so lucky :smile:

Yes he was a handful for sure.

It has been roughly 13 years for me since I played WoW.

I have come home.


Havent touched BfA since Classic came out and have no desire to go back. Classic is World of Warcraft for me now.

Classic has just been pure bliss so far. I want to stay here for a long, long time …
The world feels big and gloriously dangerous, I love it.