This is trash / garbage / fun / EXCITING!? 🤔

First time in shrine on the boss before last, I was looking up a youtube video on my second monitor for mechanics and autorunning to the boss and I auto-ran into the chasm below, killing myself.

It did give me slightly more time to look up the mechanics though.


Lol sounds familiar :rofl: a friend made me get it, left me alone whilst he went off to do his dungeons and stuff then we stopped being friends.

No idea if he still plays cos I blocked him on everything like the mature adult that I am :smiley:


If thats stupid stuff then im a complete moron because i’ve done that too many times

oh wait, i am D:



I managed to get out a 850% buffed tyrant (happens when the planets align) in PVP and lo behold he went straight for the hunter pet. The kitty was absolutely destroyed but I’d been more pleased had it been a player.


Told this story before but I’ll tell it again for the laughs because it is such a fail and hilarious.

Back in WoD when I was but a big ole noob I boosted a rogue and with the boost got some free gear, I liked how the gear looked and as I levelled none of the gear I got looked as good so I happily vendored it all and carried on, no one told me about ilvl or transmog so when I hit 100 on my awesomely dressed rogue I strolled into Ashran in my freebie lvl 90 gear…

Lasted less than 5 seconds and then found out about ilvl, transmog and what an absolute div I am.

My husband got a good laugh at me though.


Disengaging off a cliff, that brings me back. Reading through the other replies, it appears to be an epidemic among us Hunters. I did that myself while levelling in Highmountain. Those are some HUUUGE cliffs. Went rummaging through the bags for a Goblin Glider, only to realise I’d used them all up taking short cuts around Stormheim. I had a bit of a wait before splat

Some good memories being shared here, keep them coming. Sometimes it is a great release to just laugh at ourselves :smiley:



I also once levelled a neutral pandaren to 72.
That was a pretty long experience.


i was wondering what are those lemon pandas


hahahahahha xD.

Story 1:
While raid leading I once thought I said:
“Ok next attack will be blast”
Referring to a boss attack that had blast in its name, I don’t remember which one.
Shaman immediately pops bloodlust, saying I definitely said “Blust”

Everyone agrees with him. I definitely said “blust”.

Story 2:
Frost nova’d a mass grip. DK could’ve killed me, I swear.

Story 3:
Spoke Pandaren to a member of the opposite team in a BG. We sat down with a picnic basket and had a great time. xD

Shortly thereafter around 10 horde show up, The other guy just said “Say hello to my friends!” after which I got horrifically slaughtered.

Story 4:
Jumped off a cliff away from a rogue. Used blink just before I hit the grund, hoping it would teleport me to the ground.

It didn’t, it teleported me all the way up the cliff, causing the rogue to autoattack, killing me. GG


Unlike those above, I have jumped off a cliff to miss my disengage window at the bottom and end up as splattered undead.

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I once had my voidwalker with taunt up out during a pug M+, for ‘some reason’ the tank was really bad at keeping aggro. In my mind I was already blaming him for the wipe because “omg what kind of tank can’t even keep the boss’ attention?”.
It was only after the wipe, when looking at the dmg meters I saw this curious addition of “voidwalker” in there. I kept quiet in shame.


Would you believe me when i say, that i only found out i could do this end of last year? xD

I camped tlpd for a week back when only 1 dropped per kill when I should OF waited for the raid party loot patch

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I blinked into oblivion at 3rd boss in King’s Rest but I’m a mage so others in the group understood.

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Oh another example of me being extremely stupid was back in WoD when I had no idea what voidtalon is. Some guy jumped in front of me and when he left he gave me 1000 gold as a ‘thank you’. At the time I had no idea what was he on about. I got voidtalon last year so it took a ‘while’ to get it. I think it has to be the biggest pepega moment of mine.

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I dono if i’ve been really lucky with weekly chests on not, but i’ve never gotten the “Well, that item is useless” feeling.

But i do stop doing the weekly M+ when i know the chance for an upgrade is slim, So only like a 4 per season.

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Playing my Dark Iron Dwarf hunter I forgot to set up my toolbars when I temporarily changed spec from Survival to Beastmaster to do the Hati questline. Engaged Hati, got one-shotted. It’s a long flight from the graveyard back up to the top of the Temple of Storms. Rezzed, backed up out of range to recall my pet - and fell off the edge. Ok, I’ll use goblin glider which is on this key - hey where the heck is it? SPLAT.


Swam from Booty-bay to Undercity… counter-clockwise… ended up discovering some curiosities though ^^