This loot system is not normal

3rd mythic+ in row and not a single items, same with raids - 10 bosses and only 1 item.
This should be looting game and in my opinion the core feature is not working, please fix?

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It’s just luck dude, every M+ dungeon drops 2 pieces at the end, so you’ve got a 40% chance of getting loot each time.

If you do keystones above +15, they have a chance to drop a 3rd piece of loot, scaling with the increase in keystone difficulty.

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The loot rate in mythic+ seems alright to me. With a 40% chance to get an item, you are simply getting unlucky if nothing drops for you.

Raids, on the other hand, I feel like could use some drop rate increase. I’ve barely been getting anything from raids this entire expansion. When comes to mythic raids, I have not gotten a single item from them for the entirety of Shadowlands despite clearing up the first few bosses whenever I was able to do so.

The system is broken beyond. I play with my husband, mainly m+, all the time and he is always 10 ilvl or more higher than me because he is much luckier. We play the same content and he always gets all the loot. The game feels extremely unfair, unrewarding, and very bad designed.

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Yep the most referred reason of my friends why they quit the game. It’s just a slap in the face of every player participating in the same content

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Agree, I have been on a number of runs by the time i can loot everything is gone. Smash and grab by most not taking into account if there are Cloth items and you have a Tank taking it!. So, I have given up on doing any dungeons. I am over the “smash and grab” mindset that WOW now seems to have. Just sad.

What are u talking about ? Everything is on personal loot
Tank cant loot cloth as there is no cloth wearing tank . Unless its some random green boe .

Also, are u entitled to others people loot or what ?

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If you gear through raiding you need a LOOOTTTT of patience!

Yes, infinite it would seem. I’ve now got The First Sigil because I bought it, but it didn’t drop once since the beginning of Sepulcher which is ridiculous


I did full raid yday on my new fresh char,got 1 item.

Also i have been farming Deteriorated Construct Core ,today i spent whole day farming Upper Kara no luck.

Not only that,but i havent seen it drop once.

I got no time for this crap man…farming trinket 4th season in a row for days…

Previous 3 seasons i farmed mists for trinket,i did 80+ runs just to get trinket and 2 times it wasnt even a drop but it was traded to me.

So many other and better games,where you actually get rewarded for spending ingame 10+ hours a day…

Since S4 started: its gonna be a month now ,i was doing mythic + since first day,i was hyped up to get to that 2k in second week,every week got all 3 vault chests unlocked.

First week 2 rings (offstat) and a cloak (offstat)

Second week 2 rings (offstat) and gloves (got lege gloves already)

Third week : ring (offstat) boots (useful) and crappy trinket no one ever should use

That’s 1 useful item out of 3 resets = 9 possible rewards.

Every single item i have (except boots) is item i got as a reward at the end of the run and upgraded with valor.

Now i am 4th day into Upper Kara trinket farm without any luck.

Im gonna wait to see vault upcoming reset,if im not happy and actually rewarded for 60 hours spent in game,i am 100% quitting because i got no time for this really.If this was the case only this season,i would be ok with it,but its the same crap every season and i have been playing since season 1.

Last season on my holy pala,i got 2 useful items from the vault in more than 2 months spent farming mythic +

In season 2 on my lock,i was getting crit/versa or x/versa items which were completelly useless for me as affli.I quit at 1930 i didnt even bother getting 2k

What bothers me is seeing people who spend much less time in game than me,having 300+ ilvl already with BIS stats/items on max ilvl from the vault.

Like i said,man i aint got time for this game no more.I pray i get nothing from the vault again so i can quit this POS of a game and switch to something that’s gonna have either no rewards or something that’s gonna reward me for spending 60-70 hours farming every single week.

What does off stat mean? It wasnt perect stat that someone calculated and told you to follow ?
Cloak still has intelect which should outscale secondaries .

Also, had it those “bad stat” even if u would transfer it to raid piece with catalyst?

Except if u read my post,you would find that i wasnt getting anything other than rings,cloak and gloves.

Only usable item is boots i got last week.

Also offstat,20 intellect by NO MEANS can replace 65 crit-45 haste (2.5% crit and 2.3% haste )which is what would i be getting if i took what i got in the vault and replaced it with mine and in return i would get mastery. I would lose crit/haste cap i have and replace it with irrelevant stats unless you have main secondary stats capped.

That logic ‘‘It wasnt perect stat that someone calculated and told you to follow’’ falls off quickly if you inspect top pve players.They all aim to cap stuff for a reason and nowhere relevant will you see destro locks rocking versatility,fire mages having crit,surv hunters aiming for mastery etc…If they were,they wouldn’t be where they are

Those who do not care about progress,don’t care about gear,those who do care about the progress,they care about gear.Its that simple.You go and ask fire mages why you don’t have crit gear or frost mages why they aint wearing mastery gear.

Vault reward would matter if it was better by 15-20 ilvl’s than what you have equipped.

I am positive you will come up with some hilarious reply,but i really cba going back and forth,i just wanted to explain to you things you don’t know nothing about because if you did know,you wouldnt be asking questions like that

Expect if u did read mine i was refering exactly to that cloak .

How are stats irelevant ?

U would lose some and gain some other, while also geting a main stat. Did u tried siming it ? Or u just blindly follow “bis stats”

Dont wanna sound rude, but are u top pve player ?

They are top since start of season where they loteraly equiped whatever that had most item level, and then they swaped it for bis later while still maintaining their top tier

Yea teach me more about perfect bis stats .

I know getin rings all over again is bad, especialy with special rings like mecha one in game . But that cloak was most likely biss , and u should also take gloves and refeact lego somewhere else most likely, right? If u wanted “progress”

I get your point but this doesnt solve what i said.

U had some bad luck. But u still had at least something to pick (cloak) did u sim it ? What was dps loss or gain?

Also u keep saying u need 33% crit . So maybe u could get that non crit back( which btw u can convert to raid one and get small amount of crit iirc) and swap something else in gear to be still on cap while at same time with higher ilvl/intelect .

Nobody is geting only their bis in vault, u gotta play around it. Or take sockets for later

There’s no playing around it,when out of 3 resets i got one item i was actually able to use.My bank is full of stuff for fire mage which i aint playing.I have 2 rings 304 ilvl,but those rings are haste/mastery and if i was to equip those in order to gain 40 intellect,i would lose 10% crit and with it probably 30% of my dps because crit is the only reason i do any damage

People are picking stuff with 150-200 less intelect in order to have more of secondary stats like zap staff and dagger that gives versa stacks for a good reason.

I could use mastery if i was playing frozen orb build,with it i could have 25% crit,but that build is relevant only during fortified so i aint doing that,since i also aint doing 25s

Thats is very very bad example, because u gain tons of dmg thanks to those efects so secondaries doesnt matter there .

How so?

Now your back has 60crit ( estimated value) u will take 304 back from vault, convert it to raid one to get 30crit70vers . U will lose 30 crit now . Then u change your two vers sockets to crit sockets and u are on same level of crit with more ilvl and intel …

So you want an item every single dungeon? No freaking way that there is a game that has that looting way

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It all works out to averages in the end.

The 3 characters I currently M+ with: -

  • Mage - 290 Ilvl - 18 dungeons, 5 drops, % indicates I should’ve had 7
  • Shaman - 283 ilvl - 12 dungeons, 4 drops, % indicates I should’ve had 5
  • Warrior - 286 ilvl - 16 dungeons, 9 drops, % indicates I should’ve had 6

Out of 46 runs, I got loot on 18 of them, which is 39.1% of the time, that’s incredibly close to the 40% loot chance, despite the small sample size.

I do wish it was more evenly spread across my characters (my Shaman still has 7 pieces from last season), but that’s lady luck for you.

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