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If you can’t fix these problems such as server issues, your revenue will also go down. Instead of adding transmogs etc to the game, make it playable. This is not working.


Great idea, let’s tell all the content designers and developers, quest writers, artists to fix whatever problems you have with server! Nothing can go wrong with that.

I haven’t had major issues recently, other than trading post being bit weird but I assume it is going to get sorted out eventually so I don’t see any need to get stressed over it.

Why do you assume ‘it is going to get sorted out eventually’ ?

There are a myriad of bugs in the game that have been there for years and directly impact users. The BattleNet bug, where all your B/Net friends aren’t listed and which forces a full relog, including the BattleNet Launcher springs to mind. It’s been in the game for years, and no sign it will ever be fixed.

There are plenty of other examples.

Major bugs without working workarounds/user fixes tend to get fixed sooner or later in my experience. As for the Friends list issue you mentioned, I have encountered it maybe once or twice per month at most, usually less and like you said, restarting game and desktop app have fixed it always so it hasn’t been major annoyance to me personally. And even if fixing takes time, complaining about new content is hardly going to change that because the artists, writers, content designers etc. are not ones doing bug fixing.

Judging how rarely it happens I suspect actually reproducing the issue and then finding where the problem might be pretty difficult and thus time consuming (in another non-Blizzard game there has been a performance problem causing stuttering in certain situations for years but it was only recently fixed).

“Major bugs without working workarounds / user fixes”

Try telling this to people who find the game literally unplayable because of stuttering and wild FPS swings. This has been in place since the beta of Dragonflight. It was there at release - over 2 months ago now - and there is no end in sight. The thread on the EU forum is long and that on the US forum into the several thousands.

Blizzard used to be a good quality company with very good attention to detail and a high quality product. That standard is slipping very badly in places and it’s sad to see.

I would be very much happier to see a patch where the focus was solely on bugs and performance optimisations rather than yet another round of cosmetic enhancements that don’t work anyway. I suspect I am far from being alone in this.

Try telling to the (probably*) larger majority of players who don’t have problems that they are not going to get any new content until some arbitary number of bugs are fixed, and that all the content designers etc. are learning how to debug graphics engine, drivers etc.

Fixing bugs and adding new content are not mutually exclusive.

*Anecdotally, anyone I know through friends or as guild members hasn’t mentioned of major issues like that making the game play unplayable. Some had issues but were able to fix them one way or another or one of the multiple patches fixed them. If a major part of the player base had the stuttering problems I am sure the forums would have far more complaints than they do now. Obviously only Blizzard itself has detailed information on how widespread the issue is. It sucks for the playeers who have the issue, but if the game is unplayable the players always retain their ultimate choice of not paying for game which is unplayable.

That isn’t what I said and you know it.

Nor do I think that content designers are able to fix bugs in the core code.

I know several people with the stuttering issue - they have ongoing subs and can’t just quit if they’re on a six month sub - I mean, yes, they can stop playing but Blizzard have their cash. What about all the Mac users who literally were unable to play for a week and all they got was a ‘sorry - maybe you could play on Windows’ which has to go down as one of the most inane suggestions from a support agent ever. No suggestion of some game credit or similar. Anecdote, as I’m sure you’re aware, is not the singular of data, but a lot of what is out there points to a game that is really not the quality game it was of even a couple of years ago.

As you say, only Blizzard can see for sure what is happening - for the rest of us it is conjecture; and that includes you.

My view is that they are not the company they were - the quality is gone, and likely is hard to get back. Your view is clearly different.

I wrote about this in the tech support forum. It is a game design issue. You’ve got several cross realm raids packed tight in a relatively small zone combined with an obnoxious weather effect and boss mob spell effects.

This specific content is not fun or enjoyable and the optimal way to earn vendor rewards is simply to realm hop for the duration of the whole event. Even with 90% of all participants being completely afk, the server simply cannot handle this kind of load (+memory leak as a bonus which eventually crashes your game)