Those who fight for both sides, what say you?


I play and have leveled and mained both Horde and Alliance with no particular preference, and I can only echo the above sentiment. Barring Drustvar, the Alliance campaign was pretty so-so compared to the Horde equivalent.

(Søssky) #23

There’s no good guys or bad guys. The alliance quests just have more PG flavortext but they got their fair share of slaughtering things for no reason too.


Once upon a time when i had the time to max my alts including those on alliance side, i played it all, i loved seeing things from the other side and it made for some funny situations too.

I main Horde, i have 17 horde chars but alliance keeps appealing also. I have 6 Alliance chars, 1 bank human, 1 worgen dk and 4 gnomes (mage, warlock, monk and priest). I was able to lvl the dk only to 120 and play a bit and while i was at it, i found Kul’Tiras more beautiful, interesting and fun to be as Alliance than it ever made me feel as Horde plus i like it more than Zandalar.

They’re both fine and their quarrels imo are mostly based on poor communication and stubbornness.


While my main has always been this druid i have been playing both horde and alliance all the way from vanilla. I play on PVE server and never have given much thought of who is evil and who is not. I just enjoy variety and difference of the factionsand ability to run different quests and often also areas. If i log on horde alt i am all for horde, if alliance then i am all for alliance. Bit boring i know. :laughing:

All the way this far i haven’t noticed difference on how interesting the content has been on each sides, but on BFA i think horde has got best story while alliance story feels like something they quickly pulled together to sort of follow the main story (which is the horde).

(Alexima) #26

They both are the same.

Same idiotic mistakes. Same cruel decisions.

Horde is just more blatant about it while alliance hides it behind pretty words.

And that’s the point. This game wasn’t meant to be good vs evil.

(Nimrhys) #27

Yeah same, I just prefer levelling Alliance from earlier expansions and I mained Alliance in vanilla because of friends. I don’t have faction pride at all.


I never really understood Tauren being in the Horde - without them the classic races were ‘the dark side’ on many respects

These days you question the faction attrition - and it seems to lean more towards Azeroth and assorted groupies vs the latest threat to planetary stability

That said I mourn the loss of Undercity from the BfA timeline - it’s just so gorgeous to look at and navigate


I play both now but back when i started you could only pick one side. I went Horde as they were seen as the underdog. More rough and ready rather than the polished shiny Alliance with its tones of a totalitarian state. The races were also much more appealing for an MMO.

There’s a lot of styling Alliance side that I like and the addition of Worgen was definitely an appeal. Boralus has superb detail and a great feel to the area, whereas the Zandalari side of things feels like lazy design reusing lots of Pandaria elements. As things are now, my Alliance chars are a bit on the sidelines as there’s too much to get done for the Horde ones just in terms of rep, pearls and essences.

Story/plot wise, I’m bored with Horde being the go-to faction for upheaval and leadership change time and time again. The Alliance shouldn’t be seemingly immune to this sort of thing and could do with a shake up to make it more interesting.

(Solithrien) #30

As someone who mains Alliance, I 100% agree. Give us some faction drama for a change! What with the different views in the Alliance towards war with the Horde (Velen, Anduin and Aysa vs. Tyrande and Genn), BfA would have been the perfect time to do it.

We never even hear about the tensions that already are supposed to exist. Take Ironforge for example; At the moment it’s meant to be a powder keg on the brink of civil war, but we barely ever hear anything about it. :confused:


I have been really really disappointed this whole thing with Anduin not sending forces to help with Darkshore didn’t lead into anything further. It makes no sense. I hope it will still come up later…

This i have missed, what’s going on?

(Solithrien) #32

It’s basically the reason we have the Council of Three Hammers.

After Magni turned to stone, Moira suddenly resurfaced with her and Thaurissan’s son and, as Magni’s daughter, laid claim to the throne. Because of her marriage to Thaurissan, and position as Regent of the Dark Iron, the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer, ancient enemies of the Dark Iron, refused to accept her and a war looked inevitable.

The council was instigated as a compromise to prevent outright civil war, but nothing was really done to resolve the underlying tensions - The reason the Bronzebeards and Wildhammer refused to send their forces to fight the Zandalari in MoP was because they believed the Dark Iron would stage a coup as soon as their armies left the city.

It’s a bit like that logic puzzle with the Grain, Chicken and Fox really :stuck_out_tongue:


When I started playing during the later stages of Legion I began as Alliance. Now as of Sunday I switched to Horde. Alliance storyline is bland right now. I love the lore of the Horde especially Blood Elves and Tauren and my favourite races are on Horde too. I don’t see the Horde as a whole bad/evil they just want to survive just like everyone else. It’s just certain people within it that are evil(Sylvanas for example).


Not as playable races, no?


For years now I’ve felt there was way more potential within the Alliance to run a coup type storyline but they just keep regurgitating the same Horde drama over and over. Even now, I don’t think I’ve seen anything such as Alliance chars being a bit miffed let alone enraged at the idea of bringing Horde into the fold. The King is pretty much absent from everything and we just get to watch the Jaina show play out. Where’s the ‘Jaina: Oh btw, we’re all pally with Thrall now, have rescued the Tauren and my brother who’s undead will be moving in shortly. Anduin: whowhatnow?!?!?!’. He’s supposedly the leader but barely given a second of thought. At a minimum I’d have thought the night elves would be firebombing Stormwind by now.


I had alts on both sides up to the end of Cata - which was sadly the last time I had enough time to maintain that.

Neither side is particularly distinguished. Since vanilla, the Alliance effectively tried to deny the Horde land they need to hunt or farm, while the Horde took pride in causing as many casualties as possible.

There are good and bad people on both sides. Annoyingly the writers keep bringing bad warchiefs to the throne, reinforcing a narrative that the Horde is evil and will always be so. Most of the time they’re just frikking hungry…


Interesting perspectives, all. My viewpoint is that the Horde exists because their member races simply wanted to prosper in the world like the Alliance did, and continously got treated as monsters for it.

But I haven’t played Alliance so my perspective is biased.

(Jurgenhan) #38

I have always been alliance as my main faction, last year I decided to make a horde alt and loved what I saw on the horde side, such as winning battlegrounds, many people around in Origgmar, and the horde guild I am in is very active.

I have kept this character because I have played alliance since vanilla and always as a human warrior.


If I had a choice most of my characters (Alliance & Horde) would go:

“Once Sylvanas is removed from power, count me out. All your idiotic wars and stupid grudges. There are worse threats out there that need my attention, so take your petty squabbles and leave me out of it.”

So no… I don’t think there is a “Good” and “Evil” side… The evil is out there, the agents of the Void are many, and powerful.

That being said, Sylvanas is evil, as she’s done objectively evil things. But she’s the leader of the Horde, she does not represent all of its people.


This made me laught.

(Ananda) #41

I’ve always mained alliance and still do.
I do have a horde character who is normally about one expansion behind, so I can see the story from their point of view. She’s just started BFA and, while a lot of the quests are more interesting/fun than alliance’s, I really dislike Dazar’Alor and have got lost so many times. Also why is it a half hour walk from what seems to be the main hub down to where the mission table etc is? I don’t have a lot of time to play but have wasted so much trying to work out how to get to where I wanted to be, which floor it’s on and which steps I should use and then ended up in the middle of a load of mobs trying to kill me.