Thoughts on the idea of a third faction that has been thrown around?

It seems interesting, but i’m not too sure about it. It could mess up the game but I know its a popular thing. But I don’t even really know what a third faction could actually be?

A faction for those weird people playing gnomes / goblins and vulpera would make many happy. Meh throw worgen in aswell


They missed the chance in TBC.

Blood Elves, Naga, Broken Draenei and some other fourth race - Goblins? - Forsaken would have made more sense, but they were in the Horde by then.

With how saturated both factions are now with fluff obsolete races that make no lore contribution after their debut expansion, that opportunity has long passed.

And while it is fun to toy with the idea of mixing up the existing races and factions, that will never happen. They will not break up guilds and force players to play something different just because of their chosen race.


At this point they can just make factions to be cosmetic only and let people play together.


A third faction, that wouldn’t actually be a faction. Just a category of independent races/Individual people working for them selves, Surviving on their own. They would consist of free cities and towns across Azeroth, where both horde and alliance could meet, even talk to each other cross faction. Any member of this ‘‘Faction’’ would be unaligned, Not represntative with any faction by being a part of it. And would have acsess to both Alliance and Horde cities alike, And would freely work inbetween them. Depending on their needs.

Signing up for pvp would basiclly be like mercenary mode, But you would be asigned to the faction who needs to be filled in the most.
Pve wise you can see both alliance and horde groups in your premade finder.
Cross faction guilds and communities. So on.

Personally I feel like they could remove factions.
In several raids we already work together with the other factions leaders or heroes.
Battlegrounds are usually between two races rather than horde vs alliance. Warsong Gulch, Orcs vs Night elves. Arathi basin, Undead vs Human.

I feel like the factions remove some races identity. For example Nightborne, Blood Elves and Forsaken don’t really fit in with the rest of the horde and they look out of place in Orgrimmar. I want more focus on individual races rather than the factions.

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DAOC has three factions, and apparently is huge fun with raids on each other (I don’t play it because the sounds for the animals dying sound real to me). It would be interesting to know how many people main each faction. I would like an extra faction in wow with new races, but accept this is unlikely to work as well as everyone would hope, for logistical reasons.

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my classic realm had a 3rd faction for awhile

Well, this was my old idea a long time ago - I am sure many others have toyed with it before, as it’s very basic.

I am always comparing the ‘WoW Experience’ to other game experiences, and Blizzard’s other games have very good balance sometimes. Starcraft II has the OBVIOUS archetypes:

  1. Humans (Civilized, Cultivated, Spiritual, Honorable, Glorious, Clean, Pure, Kind, Advanced, Beautiful - essentially ‘almost angels’)
  2. Zerg (or whatever it was called - the Disgusting, Mud-dwelling, Primitive, Smelly, Evil, Clumsy, Spiky, Ugly, Horrible, Warped and Twisted MONSTERS that should be wiped out of existence)
  3. Protoss (if I remember correctly), the Super Tech-Advanced, Culvivated Beings that utilize Energy and know the Secrets of the Cosmos - the ‘other-worldly’, Cultivated Entities from Far Away)

So basically the ‘normal’, the ‘orcy’, the ‘extraterrestrials’.

Of course in WoW, Alliance represents the ‘normal’, ‘Horde’ represents the ‘Orcy’ and the third race, in my vision, could be something just as ‘nerdy and uncool’ as ‘alliance’ (so psychotic kids wouldn’t play it, they woudl always choose horde (and rogues for multiple levels deep into the psychotic mind)).

The important point would be that they’re a ‘clean’ race, (we have seen Protoss-like architecture in WoW sometimes already), very cultivated, nice and energetic, perhaps a bit colorful, but they would be just as ‘lame’ choice as ‘alliance’, so these ‘cool kids’ would not play it.

This would mean that if Ally is against Protoss (for the lack of a new word), it would be ‘ungeared, casual newbies against ungeared, casual newbies’, as the “Protoss-like” race wouldn’t attract all these ‘supergeared caffeine-for-blood’ players that can’t be beat, they’re all enamored by the ‘coolness’ of the evil Horde, so us civilized players could match against our OWN level of opponents.

This would be the biggest benefit. Plus, it would add an intresting dynamic, if done right (just like it does in Starcraft and II).

“It could mess up the game” - sure, but … then again, almost ANYTHING can. You can’t ever come up with something revolutionary if you are always too afraid to try something new.

Besides, do you consider the game RIGHT NOW as “UNMESSED UP”?? or “MESSED DOWN”?

This game has almost nothing to lose anymore, it’s already so messed up, so bring it on!

The last sentence - is that a question or a statement? If it’s a question, your word order is wrong - you should ask it like, “But do I even really know…”

However, if it’s a statement, it ABSOLUTELY should not have a question mark at the end. That’s the wrong punctuation for a statement, and very confusing.

I had no idea this old idea was a ‘popular thing’, though, this is happy news for me. Usually people don’t really care what I have to say. Of course this idea was probably brought out before I came up with it, so it’s not really ‘my idea’, but it’s still nice if this is true, that at least some people think in a similar way.

In my opinion, a Protoss-like, clean race to attract the ‘nerdy casual’ type that do not like the ‘cool evil horde’ crap, would be the optimal choice to solve the BG balance problem.

You have too many problems with just 2 factions, not enough players on alliance, or long queues for horde pvp and other issues. Nevermind adding a 3rd one lowering the alliance population further and increasing the issues with queue times and low numbers in lfg.
Unless they bring out a 3rd faction where the races can choose to be a member of the horde or alliance. But thats just like adding allied races.

All Elfs should follow sylvannas then they could form their own faction.

Ewww no.


It’ll be another mess of faction balance.

So unless the game enables cross faction play, The downsides of such thing will be a lot more than positives.

Why not? Good chance for paid racial change and server transfer :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

The only value factions have brought to this game is advertising and tribalism.

Meanwhile it have severely screwed over the story and turned half of most realms into wastelands.

A faction by the races massacred by the horde and alliance.

Playable Centaur, Quilboar, Naga, Yangol, Vrykul and some others that stick out.

Now, some of these races have helped us or have been largely dealt with, like Naga and Azshara - but we havent killed of them all, so they would have a reason to team up with others that have been blind sided.

A key to this faction would be that it isnt a ”driving” faction. Meaning it doesnt exactly need to be part of the main lore. It doesnt need to have a thrall or a jaina.

It would bea faction for people who dont want to appear as ”the commander” and stuff, more for the background adventurer.

And it would also bring back the WAR to warcraft. Where the factions should be at war but we are currently too buisy facing universal extinction threat expansion after expansion.

Though its probably never going to happen because it would require a ton of work to develop leveling for them etc. Sad :frowning:

Forsaken should never have been horde. It should have been an undead faction.

Night Elves should not have been part of the alliance without some major storytelling on how they joined.

The Illidari should have been a faction. Consisting of blood elves, naga and broken.

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