Thread: Veteran player LF (raiding) guild and a social M+, Achievement and ... team


Hey everyone

I’m not sure why I started my title with the word Veteran. I guess I want you all to know that I’ve been an enormous World of Warcraft fan since the American closed beta days, have not ever unsubbed and am still a daily, motivated, prepared and socially developed WOW player.

Who am I?

I’m Michael, I’m achieving the 30y milestone in February and I live in Belgium. I’ve got a wife and a 10 month old baby, and I work as a system engineer in a company that designs railway systems and tunnels. I also freelance as a video games editor. I don’t often review videogames anymore, I mostly focus on editorials on current day events that are related to gaming.

World of Warcraft History

I started playing the official European WOW servers as a Night Elf Warrior. Not long after I dinged 60, I rolled a Dwarf Priest because our guild was stuck on Magmadar. I was playing on Shattered Hand, back then a way too crowded server, and when the free transfer to Genjuros opened, I was contacted by The Alterac Deviants to tag along. We raided hardcore, up to some world top ten kills, but I remember the 4HM kill most fondly. Afterwards I left the guild because progress on Sapphiron was a bit sloppy, but returned at some point in Cataclysm and killed Heroic Deathwing (25).

These days I don’t raid often, but when I do I bring my A game.

What am I looking for

I could be looking for two things: a raiding guild, preferably Alliance on Silvermoon (who the hell plays Horde there anyways …), or a fresh start with likeminded people who want to play the game in a group of social individuals. I hate joining a M+ and completing it with less than 10 words spoken, for example.

So if you are a raiding guild on Silvermoon (or possible elsewhere), or you are looking for something similar, please add me on Discord: Rastov#2001.

What am I playing

I got my Hunter at 120, ilvl 365 and a 30 necklace. I also have a Priest (Horde) @ 120 on Shattered Hand, and a Rogue (Alliance) @ 120 on Ravencrest. I do have all other classes at level 110 as well, and I wouldn’t mind levelling something from scratch (an Allied Race for the armour ten).

If you are interested in any of this, or you are in a very active, social guild, add me and let’s talk!


I would be interested in having a chat, ive added you to bnet and below is a link to a post I made regarding recruitment.