Ticket or Reporting

Hello ,

I was just wondering why if i file a report, it doesnt show up in my archive.
I have reported a scam, with everything …
Nothing happend… (did not even appear in my ticket history)
Checked everything and did it again few days later… (Same thing)
Checked everything twice … ( and again cant find the report , nore did a GM reply , nore was it anywhere to be found in my archive of reports…)



I think there have never been a file for reports. They are all send to the GMs.

If you use the report feature against a bot and they take action against a bot you will receive an ingame mail thanking you.

If Something is done to the pack of bots then they are instantly replaced by new

8 Druids farming 4 spawn points :

Before that it was infested with hunters. I recieved responce from GM and mail which sayd that they tooke actions but those got instantly replaced by new ones and there are more of them now! :

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