Tiger's Peak Temporarily Closing

In order to fix some issues with Tiger’s Peak, we’re removing it from the pool of Arena maps. This should take place during our next scheduled maintenance.

We expect to re-open this Arena in a future update to the game.

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Oooh like that Orgrimmar arena you removed. Is that one close to fixed now?


Good riddance, it was so boring, meaningless and frustrating anyway. Tiger’s peak on the other hand does have bugs, and it’d be great if they got fixed. Because tiger’s peak is actually an ok map.

Now if they would only fix Blade’s Edge too, and bring back its old design where you could trick bad melee players simply by having better control over the character when running on top of the rope. If they would do that, it’d be grrrreat.

Blade’s Edge has already enough advantages for casters


Meh, it goes both ways. Melee can quite easily LoS casters on blades edge too

With the old map Mistweavers, as well as and Warlock teams won’t be defeated ever on this map. Think about what was added in game after the change before asking for the before change state.

And Mugambala is still in the game

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