Time to start buying tokens before the huge increase

Well with wowhead datamining the pre-order bonuses for next expansion.

The leaks about a new expansion reveal end of March after 9.2 launch.

If you rely on gold to buy your game time and expacs. Time to do so is now before they become insanely pricey.

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p2w all night long baby

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9.2 is around corner (ish), but i don’t think that 10.0 will be this year tbh.

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Probably will be coming this year. Diablo 4 isn’t anywhere close to release, OW2 got delayed. It would be a really bad year for Blizzard with no major release happening.


Idk bro, hopefully you are right, tho i will stay pessimistic.

Token is not p2w

Will consumables be “buffed” in 9.2 like in previous expansions? Prices of current ones are low so it might be wise to buy now if there will be no updates for professions.

Just swipe that credit card for that yummy progress.


Currently there are no new consumables on the ptr so we will likely be using the same ones yeah.

There is only a new feast but it still gives the same amount of main stat as the current one.

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The sky is not blue

to be fair its quite gray most of the time

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ironically, its actually violet blue not blue … its seen as light blue because of how our eyes work with electromagnetic radiation. Its actually more violet than blue.


Eh…not this “token is p2w” bs again.
Either everything is pay 2 win or nothing is. This discussions gets nowhere and leads to nothing.

In essence, I simply want to ask a counter question. Lets say you “prove” WoW is p2w. Ok? AND? Next? Now what? WHat…has changed? I will continue to play the game regardless.

Its the same story about proving the sky is blue or violet or whatever. So you prove that the sky is [insert color here]. Ok? So? What will this “revelation” change in our lifes? I will still get up to work as usually regardless what color the sky is…

wow that really hit a nerve didn’t it :laughing:

Not really. I just fail to see the reason to debate and “fight” for it cause in the end it will change nothing.

But if proving that the “sky is blue or violet” seems to be your lifetime goal and you think that it will change the world…well. All the power to you then? :rofl:

well those 5 words made you write a paragraph so a nerve was struck,

and i wasnt aware that saying something once means its a lifetime goal of mine and im fighting to keep it alive


Right. So 5 words is the maximum some people here can understand?
A little more and its “tuu maahc taxt?” :monkey:

They might do WotlK Classis, I guess.

you talk like some cryptocurrency mega guru. calm down nostradamus

Retricoin when?