Timewalking badges help

Hi everyone
i need to farm timewalkingbadges to get the wotlk mount(worth5000 badges).
Searching on internet i found two methods: the first involves chromie from legion, the second involves using more alts to get the 500 badges bonus from the first dungeon of the timewalking week. I cant find chromie near khadgar in the legion dalaran. so im planning to follow the second “path”, i have some questions tho: knowing(and seeing in game) that the timewalking badges are not account wide, how do i share them trough my alts and use them with my(here)main? is there a item that let me do this? or am i missing something else here?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile: :blush:

Two things:

First, you’ve got Chromie wrong. On a Level 70 (so not in Chromie Time) go to the top of Wyrmrest Temple in WRATH Dragonblight. Chromie is up there, beside Alexstrasza and Krasus, ready to go investigate her possible “deaths”.) I just checked, and she’s standing beside me now and says Hello. :smiley:

There is no way to transfer them to your main. However, since most/all of the things you can buy with the badges are account-wide in some way (heirlooms, toys, etc), the idea is to buy different ones with different alts. A paragraph in the top comment on Wowhead says exactly my understanding

doing the quest on multiple alts and buying an item each as they’re all BoA is a good idea to save your sanity grinding out the dungeons endlessly

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