Timewalking campaign questions


It’s looking like I’ll have to make use of this feature and I’m wondering about the details here. The general concept is clear but I’ve got some questions still. Pardon me if these were already clearly answered in an announcement post that I missed or something.

  1. If your character is eligible to use the TW campaign feature and select an expansion, will they then DEFINITELY be able to queue for all dungeons from said expansion?
  2. Considering the scaling makes character levels irrelevant, does selecting a TW campaign also allow you to use the expansion-specific LFR tool?
  3. Outside of hopefully allowing access to all of the expansions dungeons and giving a player the breadcrumb or expansion starter quest to access the starter storylines, does selecting a TW campaign really change anything on the character?

Basically for question 3; if you start questing in one and you switch to another with Chromie, do you lose anything? Things like farm/garrison/order hall progress, questline progress, quest items?

  1. Sort of a follow-up to the last question, does selection of one expansion somehow lock you out of accessing quests and features (not counting the dungeon finder) of the others?
    -With all of the changes WoW has gone through over the last couple of years I’m just asking this one because I’ve forgotten how exactly every expansion was started for a character so I don’t know if Blizzard left those quests in and even new characters can hop into any expansion without Chromies assistance or if they deleted those quests.

It’s a little frustrating not to be able to play any Shadowlands dungeons while I’m doing those quests for story and covenant progress on my level 60 character without the convenience of LFD/LFR so I’m looking to plan out questline run-throughs with alts.

EDIT, bonus question!
Would it be wise to XP-lock a character that I’m going into an expansion with if I want to keep access to its dungeons?

  1. Access to leveling dungeons yes. At level 60 you might have access to SL heroics, and if you’re willing to wait you might get grouped with people who don’t own DF and are running those. Don’t expect queue for older expansion heroics to ever pop even if you are able to access it.
  2. No. LFR is a max level feature and was never meant for leveling. There are NPCs in the world that let you access old LFR raids but those are for solo/premade.
  3. Not really. There’s only one Chromie time phase (two if you include warmode). The dungeon selection is the main difference.
  4. No, not really. There are general Chromie time restrictions like being unable to enter raid instances or heroic/mythic dungeons, but choosing a different expansion doesn’t matter all that much.
  5. If you’re focused on the content itself rather than on leveling then yes, probably. Note that the latest you can eliminate experience gains at the moment is level 59. It won’t work afterwards.
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This is very helpful. It’s (almost) just what I thought it would be like but… well, last time I made an assumption I ended up not being able to complete or progress certain questlines because Blizzard won’t let me queue up for dungeons of the expansion I’m currently in.

The fast and informative reply is much appreciated!

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