Titanforging, masterloot, etc... Blizzard you're killing the game

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But not anymore. It began in wod but increased to absurd in bfa. Core principles of the game literally destroyed. No development and nothing is worth the effort anymore

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When in mmorpg you rid of rpg , don’t be surprised that mmo dies too, subscribers quitting

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But hey atleast your alts can get high end gear while doing nothing that provides a challenge, right? I was happy that my chars were just HC dungeon geared in cata and later on in full Zul’aman and Zul’gurub gear. I didn’t need TF or raid level gear for them to feel complete, it were minor alts they didn’t deserve more. If I wanted that I had to step in raiding. WoD wasn’t that bad in my opinion though, just the socket was too much but the +6 warforge was fine by me. As a side note they did fix the raid caches missions during the last tier to be more reasonable.

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This was supposed to be an RPG, where you on an endless road of character development. You put an effort in your char, see the reward and satisfied with getting the job done

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You are constantly improving your char, step by step. In bfa all you face is a degradation and decay. Good job, just shut the game already, give franchise a proper burial


Wow was never an RPG per say, yes there were a handful of obscure low pop role play servers but 90% of people playing wow were never pushed about RPing.

The achievement is what counts, all gear is null and void once the next raid comes out.

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Yes, that’s why there were so many alive rp servers (no)

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Because with new gear you improved your char even more. There were no achievements till wotlk and no one gave a dam.n. He’ll, some people still don’t


Well while I only do heroic now and a boss or two on mythic, I used to be very hardcore and all that ever bothered my guild and I back then was to get our server first in a raid and gear was always seen as a tool not something that was the be all and end all of raiding.

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Raiding hardcore you were Still progressing your char through the provided pve content. A sense of accomplishment supplied by occasional loot.

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Raids were a place of progression and better gear. The more bosses you killed, the better status you had for yourself in the first place. Maybe not status, but self satisfaction

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Without purpose player lose determination. Without determination player tries to find it. Without success player is getting puzzled and disoriented, then annoyed and angry. After that the player is gone

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In 14 years I didn’t whine on forums, even during wod I found it enjoyable and fine. But in bfa blizzard crossed the line, current game is an abomination.

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And apologize for spamming with short answers, post saver lags with long answers on mobile

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Ooh just you wait… I’m quite certain we’ll soon see voidforged gear soon now that it looks like the voidlords/old gods are entering the foray…


ye thats your problem .

the opinion of 10 % of players is meaningless compared to 90% enjoying it.

just because few of you are vocal on forums doesnt mean anything .

blizzard not so long ago confiremed once again that TF is succes and is here to stay even if few people are whining. because its getting job done.

you are fighting the battle that never ever begun cause your overlords never started the war in first place :slight_smile: topic of TF was never point of discussion between players and blizzard in first place. same like personal loot in raiding. they are there because they are good for game overall. and the needs of many overrule the needs of few .


hundreds of thousands sounds good - but you have no proof of this - forums have 1000 people at best complaining - most of them are repeating themselves in every posible thread and remaking new threads instead post in existing ones.

hundreds of thousands sounds good - untill you are countered with "but milions do enjoy it "

milions sounds way better to any developer then hundreds of thousands - especially if your goal is to eradicate toxic nolifing elements from game influencing community in negative way .

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I’m not a old raider, started in BfA. Haven’t even defeated HC G’huun yet but i appreciate the mechanics of the fight. I mean, what other mechanics can they add?
They have to change things a little. They can’t make every boss exactly the same…
I have played some ESO and many fights there have similar mechanics where a certain group has to do a side mechanic and if they fail, the whole raid instantly wipes.

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yes it should be, consider the ammount of raiding you done, and atleast +10 mythics, your gear should be that high no question about it.

I do aggree titanforging can be annoying specialy if unlucky, but at same time it realy aint that gamebreaking at all, it just makes things a little bit easier if you have them, though I do feel that many who complain about it, are only playing for loot nothing else.

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If the job of it is to make people unsub, it is doing a magnificent one, I agree.

Have you heard of reddit, MMOchampion or Wowhead?

There are 2m active characters in the game, dude, where are those millions you speak of? The most populated servers have less than 30k characters on them. (these are not unique accouts, but active characters, my RL plays 3 of them, and my guild - an avarage of 2). I wouldn’t be suprised that the sub numbers for EU, NA and OC are less than 1m combined.