To BLIZZARD - Please consider opening more PVP realms before launch!


Shazzrah, Golemagg are full, Gehannas is High, Firemaw is Medium.
If what you say is true, that means only Firemall won’t have queues. But on the actual launch day when many more people will come, I am pretty sure that Firemaw is gonna get to at least High.

What does this leave us with? - Four servers with 100% chance of queues.

What are you waiting for and not willing to open more PVP servers so that people have more time to coordinate with their friends and guilds?

This situation is a real mess and I hope you act fast!


They open a new server now, people will start rushing in with their guilds and communities.

“Oh dear, it’s full again, but I am not moving from this server because I already have a name reserved and my friends can’t move either!” -> Stuck in a queue regardless.

And if you open too many servers they have a high chance of ending up low pop after few months and will likely need to be merged. Just let them do their jobs, they know better than you do.


I really hope that they know what they are doing. But that means they are bull**ing us and not telling the truth.

And what will happen when they get rid of the layering ? Servers with queues forever… until people eventually quit.


They’ve already touched on these things in the recent Q&A. They know what they are doing and they have different tools they can use to alleviate the problems that may occur.


There have been numerous studies about all kinds of products of how many people pre-registered (Name reservation) to how many people actually bought it at release. In each of those studies its about 20-40% of the people that pre-registered. In that regard, the likelyhood that servers fill up, even if they double the amount of servers is higher, then the fact that they Don’t fill up


They don’t want to open up too many servers because despite the amount of people reserving names and making the server pops high, blizzard don’t actually know what the longevity of the server populations will be. A lot of people will be playing sure, but they don’t know how much of a drop off there will be from people that don’t like it anymore, don’t have the time etc and doing it this way means that if it did get low quick, then they wouldn’t need to merge a load of dead servers together.

It’s just gonna be one of those wait and see things that’s all.


If they have the tools to alleviate the problems why are they trying to scare us with many hours queues ?

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Pyrewood and Mirage were “high” when I checked last night too. PVE realm players don’t even have a “medium” option that PVPers have right now. (I’m aware this will change as I have no doubt Firemaw will go high).

Both server sets at the start are going to suffer I feel.


That’s true, but like we’ve seen people aren’t exactly willing to move from their old places that easily even though they haven’t really gotten to play yet. Where as if they leave more of the server openings closer to launch, it’s more likely that people will choose another lower pop realm once they start experiencing queues on the other realms.

At least the solo players or guildless people will.

Because they’d rather have that many layers active on each server. Pretty sure they could fit all the people on even less servers if they used more layers, but that’s not a good way to go about it. They will just wait till an old server fills up before they open a new one.

There will be more servers available closer to launch.


I think it is reasonable to expect some kind of a queue at launch and should not be a conditionant factor when deciding whether or not to open new servers.

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