To DEVS: Let us choose weapons!

Hello. As it was told on last Blizzcon - in Shadowlands you will bring some old abilities back. Okay, but what about weapons?
I mean when you return back all that was taken from us in Legion, when you created Artifacts?
Like 2handed weapon for Frost DK
Or 2 one handed weapons for Fury warrior?
And etc.
Give us variativity in gameplay!


Couldn’t agree more. Included dual wield survival and 2h enhancement.
This is probably the thing I miss the most.
Atleast since we aren’t getting any new class or specs, do this for us.


I legit watched the entire Q&A expecting someone to ask this at one point, left me pretty disappointed. I really wish we got them back, more options are always better. Even if they’re introduced as a transmog instead of a different style of gameplay, it’d still be better than having no options at all.

Hunter in general would be great if we could get our quivers back and be able to dual wield on any spec again. :slight_smile:

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And give my monk back all her abilities while wielding a 2 handed weapon. I’m so tired of being forced to use 1 handed weapons.

I just need the ability to equip or transmog my Shaman’s weapon into Sword since Maces/Axes are lame af.

Also the option when i transmog a weapon to Artifact, to be able to choose only the Shield for example , not Weapon as full set .
(This one goes for HPala / Resto Shaman / Prot Warrior etc)

Didn’t they confirm in a deep dive that the would bring it back, in some capacity at least?

didnt hear about that

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