To re-roll or not

(Chocoh) #21

Re-roll isn’t a problem. Have your pally as the achievement character. Then play it to unlock flying, get reps etc when new patches come out. Doesn’t feel like a loss or waste of time.

If you want easy m+ queues go rogue. Outlaw is just incredible at DPS and utility, you wont regret it. It plays very similar to a ret to be fair. Only main difference is you roll for buffs, and click 1 button to activate AoE. They are wayyyyyyyyy tankier then a ret, which is weird because they’re plate. And the utility poops all over a pally.


I started playing in TBC as a priest (healer) and have mained it all the way up to Legion when I finally took the plunge and switched my main to a hunter.

For years, I levelled alts in between playing my priest in thought that I might change my main to them but I never did because like you I was so attached to my character after all these years and also back then mounts/pets weren’t account wide so I didn’t want to lose those as well. But that is one of the positives of main changing today.

I finally decided to main change in Legion because I had had enough of the class after 10 years, I’m happy levelling her for an alt but I needed to play something ‘new’ to keep me excited about logging in as I was starting to feel like a chore playing my priest, I could heal with my eyes closed kinda thing. Anyway, it was the right decision for me. I am having an absolute blast playing a hunter and I don’t regret it. The only thing that niggles at me every now and then is my reputation tab. Some people don’t care about it, others do. I loved the completed feeling of seeing all those green exalted reps. But at least the grand total of reps are account wide.

Something else I did, I made my hunter look like my priest and took my priest’s name whilst I name changed my priest to something new and gave her a complete new look so it felt like it was still my main character after all those years just adventuring as a hunter now.

All in all, I would say try it. Switch your main to something new, play for one to two months treating them as your main. You will know if it’s the right decision or not because you will either come crawling back or won’t.


I’ve changed realm a couple of times throughout the years, and I enjoyed leveling new characters at the time. It meant leaving behind my characters that I had played since vanilla, but to me actually that felt fun. Fresh start sort of thing. I’d say just give it a go, and don’t overthink it. You can always go back to your pally and you might bump into a class you thoroughly enjoy.

(Vengarl) #24

The main reason is that paladin feels so clunky and slow. A lot slower than warrior these days. Haste doesn’t help either, I tried rogue but eventually came back to paladin again. Might aswell try demon hunter, I like that fast paced gameplay and gliding all the time, but the GREEN theme is an issue for me.

(Leíá) #25

I rerolled from Hunter to Warlock, from Warlock to Mage and from Mage to Priest and now Priest is my main.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with re-rolling or trying something new.

(Nimrhys) #26

I mained druid until Pandaria because I felt balance went to pot and switched to Warlock for RP reasons. Said reasons also went to pot and I found myself liking melee classes and that Paladin was the most survivable and so have mained Paladin for 2 expansions - to the point I struggle on any other class.

My loremaster warrior is being dropped as my Ally main in favour of another Paladin. Sure, she won’t have the reps etc but we are at the end of the expansion here. She can get the next expansion stuff. My warrior will still be there and probably played at a later date but not mained.

So, rerolling isn’t so bad. Just make sure you really enjoy the class and keep your oldie about. The best time to do it is at the end/start of an expansion.

(Vengarl) #27

Never really met a person who rerolled paladin :slight_smile: Enjoying it now ?

(Darklight) #28

Rerolling is best done at the end of an expansion, and I’d say that was especially true for BfA. It’ll take you a helluva lot of time to rank up your Heart of Azeroth and grind out the reputations again.

(Nimrhys) #29

Paladin is life.
Smash things in the face, with spells AND healing, whilst wearing fabulous plate armour.


Rather than rerolling, why not just make an alt? I keep several on the go but less so with BfA, mainly keeping one Horde side and one Alliance side reasonably up to speed and dipping into the others if I have time. You get the benefit of many cross account achievements such as flying that you can use on alts until you find a class that you enjoy the feel of.

(Vengarl) #31

I’m considering to change faction for full experience as a horde. Do you guys think I should level with looms or without for lore?

(Nimrhys) #32

Level with looms unless you like things taking absolutely forever. With scaling, nothing is stopping you completing zones as you level, other than outlevelling the whole bracket (e.g. no more xp in EK and Kalimdor once 60) and wanting to get to 120. I tried no looms once, it was painfully slow.


Generally speaking before a new expansion comes out or a new tier releases, obviously regrinding is a thing that will ahve to be done, but in all honesty there is never a time to not reroll if you truely no longer enjoy your class unless you are in a raidteam, then wait until the bosses for whichever difficulty your guild raids are on farm and then do it.


Ideally beginning of new expansion/pre patch. Failing that, the beginning of a major patch that has catch up gear. 8.2 is a prime example.


I think this is pretty much individualy. People will have on this very different opinions.

From my point of view, I (just like You) play Prot Warr since TBC and I play him till today. There was a point in Legion, when I was just bored of it, I hated Legion Prot Warr. It was stupid and just about spamming IP like a ape.
So actually in Legion I mostly played Enha Shaman.
I am back at my Prot Warr now in BfA, and I feel like I cheated my lovely Prot Warr…


I’d say that right now is as good as any time to reroll. I just rerolled and if you go straight to Naz when you ding 120 you level neck and get gear in almost no time lol.
Then ofc the rep grind is still left, but that won’t change.


Maybe it’s because paladin isn’t meant to be only a dps? your tank / healspecc is just one click away and If you are so unwillingly to fulfill another role then yes, this class isn’t meant for you.

(Nimrhys) #38

It’s MEANT to be whatever you damn well please. He wants to play DPS Paladin, you don’t just switch to a spec you don’t like to get into content to get gear that isn’t for your spec.

(Lynlarae) #39

i created this priest at TBC launch and played with him ever since. I have a max Death Knight and Mage but 8.2 is alt un-friendly so im stuck with the priest for now!


Purely depends on what expectation you have. If one of his “problems” is getting into groups then considering a respec is a possible solution or he just keep trying to get into groups and he will wait a little longer. He stated getting declined isn’t fun then maybe switching to another role can bring the fun back, you know?

And the easiest solution about the “declined problem” is simply open your own groups.

Base essences are very easy to get and flying is account wide so I wouldn’t consider that as very alt-unfriendly.