To Rindcore, the Tauren Shaman

A plain envelope lands in the central mailbox in Orgimmar, addressed to one “Rindcore, Tauren Shaman”. Inside is a piece of parchment, slightly damp and with a few watermarks, smelling of stagnant pool water. The parchment reads:

I’ve met the Tauren shaman Rindcore
Not the brightest cow on the pasture
At the Stagnant Oasis’ green shore
As a ganker he’s quite a disaster.

Trying to stab a charming young poet
Come to the Barrens to fish in peace
Then failing so badly at doing it
Perhaps Magic, his guild, should better cease?

You can ride round the Stagnant Oasis
On your kodo all day but for Elune’s sake
The safest place to hide out there is
The air bubble pod on the ground of the lake!


Skyring from Blueberries did better
I grudgingly admit though I wish
Bloody warriors wouldn’t hit like a shredder
Going home, keep your deviate fish!

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So someone tried to gank you and you literally wrote a poem about it?

That’s actually something new, so points for that :smiley:

Seen someone else do it before, but it is quite unique and interesting to see. Hopefully the tauren shows up with his own poem!

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