Today I played WoW PvP

Then I was CCed for billion years and my char couldn’t do anything I press so I stopped :slight_smile:

Edit : Here is a solution. Since CC is mostly used to counter enemy cooldowns - just reduce cooldowns by half and all CC by half too. For example Avatar won’t be 20 sec but 10 sec, but disarms and stuns won’t feel like forever … hopefuly.

Just throw a banner or bladestorm it and you good mate. There are hardly any CC left in the game anyway.

They should reduce burst though.

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what bout fury in the same situation?

fury can be removed from pvp

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I agree on that

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each spec from all classes could be easly removed not just fury lol :slight_smile:

stan cant smash ohhhh noooes xd


Not sure when you played the game last time, but there is so much micro cc in the game, depending on the comp, basically every single setup is shutted down, if you aren’t a rogue who can support all his setups with stun for everyone.

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Having played mage these last few weeks this hurts deep within my soul.

Literally if your partner can’t help you shut enemies down with stuns everything you do gets trickshotted or faked or micro-CC’d. It’s infuriating, and of course the reason behind Precognition.

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